7 Common Mistakes to Avoid For E-Commerce Startups

Technological advancements have brought many opportunities for the business world, among which e-commerce is leading in the market for over a decade. Companies and businesses are shifting from the traditional ways of business to become more digitalized in the business world.

However, e-commerce is more than just trading products via online platforms; it is a proficient way of doing online business. It needs proper attention for its development as well as for maintaining the e-commerce website. 

Most businesses make these common mistakes that you need to avoid as an e-commerce business startup. So let’s take a look at them and understand what it means. 

1. Running without a strategy

When you start a business, you must have some ideas that can take your business to a whole new level. Be it natural health and beauty products for women or a complete grocery shopping platform, strategizing your ideas and making efforts to execute your plans can save you from wasting your valuable time, energy, and resources that you could utilize for other marketing purposes. You need to be sure of your business interests to be at the top of your game. 

You can draft your strategies according to the following points to get a good start. 

  • Identify your industry, market trends, and your customers
  • Ask for feedback
  • Plan for smooth supply management
  • Target the mobile audience
  • Think social
  • Prepare business policies

2. Not adding trust factor

Business success heavily depends upon the trust your client has in your business. The following factors can help you to enhance the trust factor in your business. 

  • Adding an SSL certificate
  • Terms of use
  • Privacy policy
  • Refund/exchange products policy

The privacy policy is one of crucial importance as you ensure the customers that their private information will be highly confidential. Having a simple website design that is easy to navigate and adding a call to action with your content can add a trusting value to your business. Apart from that, you can also add a product review section on your website to add authenticity to your e-commerce. 

3. Underestimating mobile audience

As the world is getting digitalized, more advanced models of mobile phones are being seen in the market. Its easy access to the internet continuously adds to the mobile audience which, if ignored in business, can have an adverse effect on your business. It is not a lie that buyers perform online searches through their smartphones or tablets to have the best pick. Therefore, it is essential for every e-commerce startup to have a mobile-friendly site to attract the target audience. 

4. Hiding the contact information

Hiding your contact information from the buyers make you a suspect. Because of this reason, your audience can lose trust in your business and services, no matter what you offer. Think about it: if you are a buyer, you would need all the information that you could get before you even consider to buy that product. It will give you a feeling of authenticity and will your buyers and a reason to shop from your e-commerce site. 

5. Abridging the power of social media

Not using social media to influence target buyers, you’re probably making one of the biggest mistakes in the history of e-commerce. Promoting business on social media is a serious task as you need to be cautious about your speech and overselling your products and services. Speech matters in selling a product. You need to make your content as generalized as possible, along with selling your product. The pervasive tone makes the audience feel like they are not being sold to the business. Therefore, be sure to do this task responsibly o maintain your brand loyalty in the eyes of your potential customers. 

6. Not showcasing the product reviews

Transparency is a significant factor that can enable the customers to trust in your business, and reviews are part of transparency. A study shows that 61 percent of the customers go through the product reviews before even considering to buy it. 

Product reviews help the customers in making a quick decision. Exhibiting your product reviews and discussions will help in increasing the credibility of your business, along with increasing conversions. 

7. Choosing the wrong platform

One of the most common mistakes made by business startups is selecting the wrong platform that can result in a horrible pitfall. Choosing a platform for your business is one of the most crucial steps that need to be taken with caution, or all the efforts and hard work can be ineffective. Often companies, especially startups, get confused in choosing the podium for e-commerce website development. However, it all revolves around the customer’s experience and your business requirements. 

What matters for your business is a platform that allows you to sell in the best possible manner. It will prove to be best if you choose an e-commerce platform that offers free trials before you register entirely to it. 


Avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes can help in launching a profitable online business, and you’ll be able to save hundreds of hours of work. It is important for a business person where to best spend the money ad where it is of worth in e-commerce.

Author Bio: Ashley Sperry is a professional designer and a passionate writer. She has been a writer and owns a blog where she shares her experiences of travelling. She is currently working as a travel guide at KBM Evergreen Amazing Offers and loves to share her views about various places.

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