7 Best National Parks In Canada

Canada boasts around 48 national parks home to natural wonders, offering a wide array of recreational opportunities. It is a paradise for nature lovers. Whether you’re traveling with your family or planning an adrenaline-pumping trip with friends, the national parks in Canada are worth the visit.

1.  Kluane National Park and Reserve, Yukon Territory

Want to witness the sheer beauty and vastness of the highest mountain in Canada, Mount Logan? Visit the Kluane National Park, spread over24.2 million acres of nature. The national park is located in Yukon Territory, the westernmost territory in the country. Except this, if you love adventure then you can also consider climbing denali in Alaska, the United States for fun and adventure.

Mountaineering lovers can explore the snow-covered mountains, while thrill-seekers can go rafting in the Alsek river or enjoy mountain biking on trails throughout this picturesque national park. Those looking for relaxation may camp by the Kathleen lake and indulge in activities like fishing.

2.  Pacific Rim National Park Reserve in British Columbia

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Since 1907 the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve has been one of British Columbia’s main tourist attractions. Long Beach, the Broken Group Islands, and the West Coast Trail are the three regions that the entire park is divided into. If you want to bask in the glory of unspoiled nature, lush green rainforests, and awe-inspiring beaches, then this National Park is worth the visit.

Surfers from all over the world visit the park to catch the wave. Watching whales in their natural habitat, exploring the rainforest trail, hiking to the Cape Beale Lighthouse, and watching the storm from the Kwisitis Visitor Centre are some of the other activities you can enjoy at the park.

3.  Jasper National Park in Alberta

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Established in 1907, Jasper National Park is a crowd-puller. The park is surrounded by the Canadian Rockies and spread over an area of 4200 square miles. Every year outdoor lovers flock in huge numbers to this national park.

The main attractions at this national park are Maligne Lake, Athabasca Glacier, and the Jasper Skytram that lets you enjoy the nearby snow-capped mountains’ scenic view. Wildlife viewing, glacier skywalk, skiing, hiking, and golfing are some of the most popular activities at Jasper National Park. You can also check country concerts near me

4.  Banff National Park in Alberta

The Banff National Park is among the oldest national parks in Canada. It was established in 1885 and has attracted people from all over the world for its unmatched natural beauty and diverse wildlife. Beautiful lakes with clear water, dense forests, and glaciers are some of the main attractions at the park.

Visit the stunning Moraine Lake, relax in the Banff Upper hot springs, and enjoy the sight of majestic sunset at the Vermilion Lake. You can indulge in a variety of fun-filled activities like canoeing, fishing, scuba diving, golfing, hiking, and horse riding at this park.

5.  Thousand Islands National Park in Ontario

Located in Ontario, the Thousand Islands National Park is home to tall pine trees, granite islands, rare species, and acres of wilderness that will leave you spellbound. From boating in turquoise water lakes to camping by the river, there are tons of great activities you can enjoy at the park.

This national park is an ideal destination for wildlife and lake lovers. You can go boating, kayaking, hiking trails, or learning about rare species of reptiles found in the park. A majority of the visitors select a boat ride to enjoy the sight of island castles and pristine rivers.

6.  Yoho National Park in British Columbia

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The Yoho National Park is nestled in the Rocky Mountains and is home to plenty of attractive places like the Emerald Lake, Lake O’Hara, and Wapta Falls. The national park makes a delightful destination for all nature enthusiasts, from offering the stunning sights of the surrounding snow-covered mountains to turquoise water lakes and majestic waterfalls.

You can go canoeing in the clear water of the Emerald Lake, hike to the Takakkaw Falls and Burgess Shale Beds, enjoy the sight of spiral tunnels from a high point, or camp in the woods for a truly memorable trip.

7.  Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia

This national park is a must-visit for hikers and beach lovers. The park has river canyons, dense forests, diverse flora and fauna, wildlife, and mountain ranges. Hiking, camping, soaking in the sea’s beauty, cycling, etc. are some of the park’s top activities. Before hiking don’t forget to use a custom face mask and you can get it from CanvasDiscount.

The Cape Breton Highlands National Park is home to numerous hiking trails offering scenic views of the surrounding landscape. Many campgrounds in the park allow you to live in the lap of nature. For sightseeing, the Cabot Trail is the place to visit as from here, you can enjoy the entire park’s view.


All these national parks are home to some of the world’s most scenic natural wonders. Go ahead, explore these natural parks to indulge in various recreational activities, and soak up the enchanting beauty of nature.

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