7 Best National Parks In Argentina

Argentina is home to 33 national parks, with its wide variety of landscapes and lavish scenes from glaciers to the lake and rivers valley to the ice field. The country Argentina has unmistakable geology, fascinating history and culture, and remarkable local food, and delicious cuisine.

Argentina consistently has something for everybody. This is the best spot to enjoy the wild and lost in the midst of everything. In short, visiting all these places might get your heart and make your trip exciting and memorable. So, start planning for your next getaway and visit the delta airlines official site right away and get your flight ticket online and save up to 30% off on each booking. isn’t it great? So, book now and surprise your family for a fun-loving holiday trip.

Here are the best 10 National parks in Argentina. 

  1. Los Glaciers 

Established in 1945 and is situated at Austral Andres of Argentina, Los Glaciers National park is known to have a wealth of Prussian-blue lakes and glaciers.

The whole western piece of the Los Glacier National park is covered with a thick cover of ice and snow and the other half has a Patagonian steppe.

Los Glaciers have the second biggest mainland ice expansion on the planet. The whole park has around 250 glaciers and the most famous of them is Perito Moreno Glacier a colossal 250 km of ice and snow. Despite the fact that surrounded by ice and snow, Glaciers is likewise a territory of a lot of plats life and wildlife. 


Situated in the Andes Mountain, Aconcagua National park covers 2,00,000 acres of land close to the line with Chile. The whole park is best for thrill-seekers, hikers, explorers, and skiers. The Aconcagua National park includes a variety of glaciers, watersheds, rivers, and plenty of flora and fauna. This park has archeological locales like the Puente Del Inca, a characteristic geologic development. 

  1. Nahuel Huapi National Park 

The oldest national park in Argentina, Nahuel Huapi, and Los Arrayanes national park is found north of Patagonian Andean Zone. The whole park is surrounded by the pools of Nahuel Huapi.

With the unlimited lakes, waterfalls, snow-clad peak, and rich rainforest, Nahuel Huapi is considered as an entryway to Patagonia. 

  1. Los Arrayanes National Park 

Los Arrayanes National Park used to be a piece of Nahuel Huapi, however was viewed as a separate park since 1971. It has practically similar scenes as Nahuel Huapi, where you can climb the path or it very well may be reached by boat. 

  1. Punta Tumbo 

Punta Tumbo is situated on the peninsula of the city of Puerto Madryn. It is home to the massive colony of Magellanic penguins outside Antarctica. In the period of September, a great many penguins show up in Punta Tumbo and recreate till November. The most well-known activity of this National park is the opportunity to walk directly close by of the penguins and notice them intently in their natural habitat. 

  1. Esteros del Ibera 

Situated in Corrientes Province and is about 3.2 million acres of land. Esteros del Ibera is the main water reserve in South America and the second biggest wetland on the planet. This National park is a synthesis of swamps, lakes, tidal ponds, and waterways inside the environments of both subtropical and tropical.

With plenty of water formations, Esteros Del Ibera is home to alligators and mash deer. The national park likewise offers hundreds of different bird species.

  1. Iguazu National Park 

Situated in the northern Misiones Province, Iguazu National Park is the most well-known National Park and quite possibly the most famous spots to visit in Argentina.

Iguazu National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and well-known as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. The fame of Iguazu falls draws in around 2 million visitors per year. 

Iguazu National Park is likewise home to plenty of extraordinary greenery and can be seen by climbing, hiking, or taking the trails.

It is likewise home to certain flying birds, panthers, ocelots, tapirs, giant anteaters, monkeys, coatis, toucans, caimans, eagles, and pipping guans. It is an ideal spot to be immense with nature.

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