7 Best Chinese New Year Cake Design For 2022

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The vibes of a new glimmer of hope, joy and celebrations are roaming around in China. Every other person wants to make this New Year unforgettable and worth remembering. Each year brings hope, sanguinity and optimism. Also, the festivity of Chinese New Year eve doubles the ecstasy and excitement.

Everyone celebrates New Year night differently. For instance, some people want to hang-out with friends; some enjoy fireworks, whereas some want to keep it simple and spend their time with family and beloved ones. Undoubtedly, the way to celebrate varies, but everyone loves to welcome New Year with a lip-smacking and delicious cake. So, no matter if you want to enjoy a party and want simple celebrations with family, always incorporate yummy cake.

Here is the list of some remarkable Chinese New Year Cake Singapore designs you can try to delight your eyes and enjoy the festivity to its fullest.

2022 Stars Lunar Year Cake

New Year starts when the sky is full of stars and the moon. If you are thinking about something unique this time, why don’t you go for 2022 stars new year cake? A round cake with whipped cream looks elegant, but it’s quite simple. You can add-up something alluring, i.e. a sparkling 2022 and shining stars on it. The shining stars tag can be made with fondant stands, and you can place it in the middle of the cake. Honestly, it will make the cake eye-catchy and sophisticated.

Multi-color New Year Cake

Everyone wishes to spend a colourful year that brings success, prosperity and affluence. So, if you want to celebrate a joyful year with your family and special friends then think about multi-colour New Year cake this time. As we mentioned earlier, you can choose any cake type that brings a smile on your face, but you can cover it with a topping of fondant sheet printed wishes in different colours.

You can ask for all types of wishes but writing ‘Happy New Year 2022’ looks decent and clearly shows that the cake is all about celebrating the fantabulous lunar year.

Vanilla Cake with Choco Topping

Undeniably, chocolate cake is one of the most popular and desired cake globally. Almost every other event and celebration are incomplete without it. You can make your 2022 cake by writing 2022 on the top of the cake. To make it enticing and eye-catchy, it is recommended to use choco batter for this purpose. A vanilla cake with evenly whipped cream and choco batter on it is more than a treat for everyone.

This unique design is simple, yet looks sophisticated.

Customized Poster Cake

You got it!

It’s a new trend, but surprisingly it’s winning everyone’s heart not only in China but also worldwide. You can go for any cake type, including strawberry cake or simple vanilla cake but can add the edible computerized design of anything that shows celebrations. Generally, the champagne bottles and glasses cheering together are chic, and they indicate the happy beginning of the New Year.

 Chocolate Rose Cake

If you choose a professional cake shop, they can bring creativity to your cake with only one ingredient.

Yes, you heard it right!

We are talking about chocolate here. The baker can create dark chocolate rose on the top corner of the cake. Adding some colourful sprinkles work magically. To make it more attractive, it is better to write ‘Welcome 2022’ with fully whipped cream. It is a fantastic cake if you want to cut it with your family and kids. It is striking, full of flavours and attention-grabbing.

Kitkat & Cookie Cake

Indeed, the name shows that cake is mouth-watering and lip-smacking.  We are sure that everyone loves Oreo cookies and Kitkat chocolate more than anything else. So, why don’t you think about combining them this time?

Let us share a unique and impressive idea with you. You can add colourful sprinkles on cake’s boundaries but can write 2022 on by using. Oreo cookie, a KitKat bar and dark chocolate paste.

By far, it is one of the most favourite and appreciable designs to make your New Year cake tantalizing.

New Year Clock Cake

We all keep our eyes on the clock and wait till the New Year starts. So, it is a phenomenal idea to choose clock cake for beginning a new year. Clock not only shows the importance of time, but it also indicates that time is precious, and you have to use it wisely.

What’s Your Favorite Cake Design for New Year Celebrations?

So, which of the cake mentioned above caught all your attention? No matter if you choose choco cake design or want to try clock cake this time, always choose the professional cake shop for this purpose. Indeed, Singapore has some great cake shops. So, think wisely and make your decision afterwards.

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