6 valuable lessons about customized stickers printing that you’ll never forget!

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Stickers printing is one of the most forms of printing if you are going to use them for the promotion of your brand and company. Printing a sticker is not that hard if you know enough about it. To solve your problem, here is a guide of everything related to these stickers that you should be aware of.

Manufacturing Materials:

For printing high-quality custom stickers, there are several choices and solutions available. For instance, if you want your sticker to be shiny and want it to be stand out, use standard gloss paper for its printing. For lamination and vanishing purposes, UV coating is an effective option.

To get a flat look with no shine, to give your sticker a traditional look, you can choose matter paper. If you are looking to make your sticker moisture, oil, and water resistance, you can choose the option of vinyl film or polyester. You can also use silver foil, gold foil, and platinum foil, or you can go with embossing or debossing and hot stamping. It all depends on how you want to print your sticker and what your requirements are about them. 

High-Resolution Printing:

High-quality resolution is a must need if you want your stickers to be attractive enough to show your brand to your desired audience. If the quality of the image, text, or your resolution is low, it will get messy after the printing process. That is why try to make your dpi level higher, which will give you the result to match every color and can easily print your complicated designs. With a high-resolution level, you can print out a detailed quality image perfectly; otherwise, it will get blur. Use ways to do your low-resolution work to optimal printing quality if you want your stickers to be eye-catching and attractive. 

Use of Extra-Thick Vinyl:

Thick vinyl media usage will help you to get the finest quality sticker for your business. You can go to many material vendors and ask them about the vinyl quality so that you can utilize it in a better way if you want to print out yourself. Usually, the best material is an extra thick 6 mil vinyl. If you use it, it will provide your sticker a great look and feel that you can go straight to the heart of the customer. You should always get your custom sticker printing with the finest quality and material that you can use and which is easy to access. 

Sturdy Paper Backing:

The back of the sticker should be strong and super gluey so that the thing on which you want to emboss it can hold it for a long time. You can use the sturdy paper backing to boost the strength and longevity of the sticker so that their quality will remain perfect when you place it on your bag pack or pocket. It does not matter that whether your sticker is of any form like die-cut, kiss-cut, or another style, this type of firm backing would increase its strength for a long time. That is how backing strength can be useful while printing stickers for kids.


Always go for the ways from which you can make your sticker to keep itself from wind, rain, and sunlight exposure. To maintain the life of the sticker so that you can take advantage of it, it is necessary to choose the quality solutions for its printing. Coat your sticker with high quality and protective UV lamination so that they can be durable enough to resistant fading, scratching, tearing, and wash out from the poor weather conditions.

Make your sticker with the quality that even holds it when you wash it from a dish or plate repeatedly. This will also help the stickers design not to get disturbed by anything. It does not matter what condition there is; the design of your sticker will remain clean and unique.

Sticker Adhesives:

Try to make your sticker with the quality so that it can be difficult to remove, extra sticky to tough or irregular surfaces, remain perfect in a tough environment and contain standard adhesive. If you are going with the removable adhesive, do know that it is temporary, which causes your sticker to fall off from the surface where you placed it after some time. Or, for some reason, you have to move your sticker from one place to another; it should contain the adhesive to maintain itself in the second place perfectly, too, like on the first one.

While if you choose standard adhesive, it is permanent and strong enough to hold your sticker perfectly. That is how adhesive quality matters in the life of your stickers. These are all the things that you should keep in mind while custom paper stickers printing if you want them to be a perfect reason for promotion for your business. Other solutions like TV ads, promotional videos, or posters require a lot of time for the customer to read or see. But with these small things, you can get the complete attraction of your customer from just a look.

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