6 Instagram SEO Techniques to Increase Your Discoverability

6 Instagram SEO Techniques to Increase Your Discoverability

Without a doubt, Instagram is a crucial platform for marketing in 2020. In fact, there are more than 1 billion active users on Instagram, which literally states that it’s now way ahead of many popular social media giants like Pinterest and Twitter.

You might be thinking how can you use Instagram to interact with all the users and create a path for them to communicate with your brand?

The answer might seem odd to you, but it is SEO for Instagram. You might be wondering how can you employ the SEO techniques which you use to optimize web pages?The answer is simple. You can use SEO techniques on Instagram just like you optimize web pages.In fact, according to Neilpatel.com Instagram can improve your organic search ranking on Google. Though it is a lengthy goal, proper consistency and combined effects of hard work will have a huge effect.

While SEO is used to make your website more visible, Instagram SEO can help you to grow your profile dramatically, increase your profile reach, and improve discoverability. Keep in mind that, it’s your job to make sure that people you want to find your profile, at the end of the day actually do found you. Hence, the optimization of your Instagram profile is important.

Here, you’ll find 8 tips to increase discoverability with Instagram SEO.

Optimization of Instagram Profile

The most important step towards increasing your Instagram reach and discoverability is the optimization of your Instagram profile. If your Instagram isn’t well optimized, then SEO to your Instagram account won’t be beneficial at all. In other words, driving traffic to your Instagram account will go in vain.

If you want to keep your Instagram account well optimized, here are few tricks you should remember:

  • Keep your profile public
  • Choose an appropriate and easy username
  • Choose a good-looking profile picture
  • Create a suitable bio
  • Register your Instagram account for business purposes

These are basic important steps to keep your Instagram profile well optimized. Though it may seem easy to do, many Instagram accounts face backlashes just because of some optimization mistakes. Once you’re done with the basic steps, you can move to more advanced optimization steps.

Display Name and @Username Should Feature Primary Keyword

Instagram works on a slightly different algorithm, thus it has its own search engine. To make your account more discoverable, a primary keyword is necessary for the username and display name. Only then a customer when searching with a particular keyword will get your account as a search result.

So, it is important to identify your primary keyword. Let’s use Gaming as an example. When an Instagram user wants to loadhis news feed and IGTV feed with gaming components, he will most likely search the primary keyword “Gaming”. Now, if this particular keyword is present on your display name and @username, your account will more likely get a place in the suggested accounts list.

Place Secondary Keywords in the Bio

Secondary keywords are as important as the primary keywords. They are used as phrases and topics.

If your primary keyword is “Gaming”, then you can use secondary keywords like “Call of Duty”, “Assassin’s Creed”, and “Battlefield” etc.

Sometimes people don’t search with primary keywords but are still interested in your products. This is the time when a secondary keyword comes in handy. 

Use the Right Hashtag

After optimization of the profile, it’s time for your post to optimize.

One of the most popular features on Instagram is the use of a hashtag. The hashtag consists of so many functions, including a chance to boost your account reach.

That’s why the Instagram algorithm works in such a way, that each post has its own hashtag strategy. But remember that inappropriate hashtags can backslash your Instagram post. So you have to very careful when adding a hashtag.

There are two types of hashtags present: Niche hashtag and Branded hashtags.

Niche hashtag comes in handy when you want to use some less popular hashtags. You might be thinking about why you should use less popular hashtags? Because sometimes it’s difficult to use popular hashtags due to tough competition! While brandedhashtags are used to increase brand awareness and reach.

After putting correct hashtag, if your post didn’t get enough like then buy 50 likes Instagram.

Image Caption Should Have Secondary Keywords

Instagram works as a self-contained search engine, which means keywords, play a crucial role in every part of the Instagram experience. Brewing an appropriate and engaging caption will not only just attract new followers, but will also satisfy the existing ones.

The perfect caption can do more than just gaining new followers; it can boost your chance to show up in search results. The way you optimize your bio and hashtags with secondary keywords, the same can be done for your Instagram caption also.

Use Instagram Alt Text

The sole purpose of Alt text is to describe an image to visually impaired users. But, it can also be used for SEO. Using Alt text, you can also write a caption for your photos.

Turning on the Alt text is not hard at all. Follow these simple steps:

To gain access to your Alt text option, go to the screen right before you upload your post where you’ll see “advanced settings” at the bottom. After pressing that, scroll down to the bottom and press “Write Alt Text” where you add whatever image description you want. Once you’ve done that, upload your photo as normal. Turning on Alt text helps your post rank better and also makes it more efficient for voice search. Check Michael Giannulis.


Just because SEO was created to optimize the website, that doesn’t mean you can’t use SEO to boost your social media productivity. Keep these steps in mind in near future, and meticulously observe your Instagram profile growth.

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