6 ideas for renovating a built-in wardrobe

6 ideas for renovating a built-in wardrobe

Built-in wardrobes have some positives; one of their advantages is the maximization of storage. Its design can range from floor to ceiling covering the entire height, Built in sliding door Wardrobe with dressers, luggage racks, coat racks and whatever the owner really needs. But over the years it gets boring and if you have the initiative to improve or expand it, we’ve collected several ideas that will serve as inspiration when looking for a modern approach. Help yourself without moderation!

Mirrors and glass doors

We start with a great idea of ​​adding mirrors to the doors of your wardrobe to reflect good lighting and visually enlarge the room, you can also see from different angles the combination of styles you have in your clothes.

Operational above all

Investing in a multifunctional bedroom is the best thing, when it comes to saving space in your bedroom, especially if you have a small apartment

Make the most of the space

The advantages of the mezzanine in the interior of a house with high ceilings is that you can play with the furniture as you wish, placing the closet on the first level, while at the top you can find a double bed with its stairs, for example.

Open it fully

A good idea for rooms with a lot of space is to create a walk-in closet without a lot of doors, with everything in sight. You must be careful not to get messy and keep everything folded and organized by colors or types of fabrics for example. If you have little space, this is also possible. Take a look at our guide on how to design a small walk- in closet to learn all about it.

or open it subtly

Renew your closet, adding curtains to close the visuals, Wardrobes Birmingham you must choose them according to the style of the room, not one of the translucent type because the idea is to be more discreet. You will keep them and not expose them completely.

Integrate it into the decoration

Finally, we recommend recessed doors with various designs depending on the environment, in this case we see that it is a children’s room, with patterns representing toys. If you are not very good at manual work, do not worry about the coverings of the child’s room, call an expert

The first solution is to buy a ready-to-assemble dressing cabinet kit that you can easily find in DIY stores or order directly on the internet. This kit is generally easy to assemble and comes with all the parts needed for assembly.

The second solution is to do it all on your own. It allows you to save more money and build a solid wardrobe, but it also requires more know-how and time for its realization. Whatever your choice, we will help you make a cheap and useful wardrobe.

Making a wardrobe: necessary materials and supplies

The choice of materials and supplies basically depends on the solution you have chosen for making the walk-in closet. Bedroom fitters near me If you have everything you need, your job will be easier and faster to complete.

– Material to assemble a ready-to-assemble dressing cabinet kit: For the measurements and the tracing, you need a pencil and a tape measure. A screwdriver is required for drilling and screwing work. You will also need a hammer and a mallet. The kit will contain all the necessary parts as well as their fixings: side panels and trim, interior uprights, shelves, high / low / intermediate units, wardrobe bars.