Vaping Mistakes

Vaping, if done the right way, will provide you with an amazing experience. At the end of a long day, it can help you relax. It can provide your tooth with the pleasure it deserves. And it can supply the cannabidiol your body needs. Read here 6 common vaping mistakes that beginners made.

Like every vaping newbie, you may not be exactly sure what the don’ts in vaping are and end up making some common mistakes most newbies do. These mistakes can end up ruining your vaping experience and give you a bad impression about vaping.

Today, we want to help you avoid these mistakes by educating you about these mistakes and how to vape properly. Before you start vaping, here are five common mistakes beginners make that you have to avoid.

Not Buying a High-Quality Vape Pen

Your experience of vaping is determined by two things: your vape pen and CBD vape oil. A high-quality vape pen is easy to use, equipped with a long-lasting battery, and provides thick vapor. Unfortunately, not all vape pens are created uniformly, and cheap and low-quality vape pens are saturating the market due to the increasing popularity of vaping.

It’s likely you don’t want to spend a lot on your first vape pen because you’re new to vaping, but you don’t want to be careless either. Although high prices do not necessarily mean high quality, cheap CBD vape pens tend to affect the taste of the oil and are often more prone to leakage and spoilage. Read reviews online about vape pens before choosing one to invest in.

Getting the Wrong E-Liquid

Don’t just go for e-liquids because of the fancy packages they have. The flavor and PG/VG ratio are very vital to you having an awesome vaping experience. Liquids with high VG will give you a more potent hit and are more suited for sub-ohm devices. A high PG, on the other hand, can cause a lot of mouth dryness and increased thirst.

Taking Hard Puffs

One of the most common mistakes most first-time vapers make is trying to get more vapor by taking hard puffs. Doing this with a vape pen may end up giving you less vapor as the air tube is filled with CBD oil, which can cause the oil entering your mouth. If you want more vapor, make deep puffs.

Forgetting to Charge Your Battery

Vape pens heat the CBD oil with the coils, and this consumes the battery. People often forget to charge and end up with a damaged battery or coil. To avoid ending up with a damaged battery, recharge it frequently. This will make the vape pen available when you need it most and increase the battery life.

Not Maintaining Your Device

Keeping your vape pen clean is key to it functioning properly. At least once a week, the components must be broken down and cleaned gently with warm water and soap. You can check for leaks, cracks, and damaged coils. You also have to maintain the battery. If your charged battery lasts you less than an hour, it is probably time to replace it.

Not Buying Your CBD Vape Products from Drdabber

The biggest mistake you can make as a beginner is not buying your vape products from Drdabber. It is highly recommended to buy CBD vape products from a reputable supplier. That’s why we’re here for you. All Drdabber CBD vape pens are high-quality vape pens. Find out the best CBD vape products and kits right for you from our store collections here.

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