6 Best Stationery Items For Every Blogger

Blogging is fun. It carries a lot of inspiration, motivation to stand firm in the society, raise voice for yourself and others, and buy cool stuff to flaunt on various social media platforms. One of these cool stuff you cannot put eyes off the best stationery items.

Yes, you read it right. Blogging is not just about the products you get in PR. It is also about the stuff you own and make your blogging routine interesting.

Every blogger around the world craves to have interesting yet economical best stationery items. This is because these can be used for different purposes. Are you also using some of them to make your blogging happening?

If you are a new blogger, then you should know the worth of having the best stationery items. Several bloggers aim to know why stationery items are needed to start blogging. Even, you can search The B2B Crowd and see the list of such posts.

Well, to answer your queries, I have collected a few pieces of stationery items that you must buy today. Let’s get started then.

The Best Stationery Items That Every Blogger Must Own

1.      Sticky Notes

Blogging means creativity. You will love to create attention-grabbing content if you have colorful stuff around you.

Sticky notes are one of the best stationery items that are often used as a reminder. No matter it is your office or home, sticky notes are always a hit to keep you informed about the targets.

These sticky notes come in different colors, shapes, and sizes. Being a blogger, you should own a packet and flaunt the colors everywhere so that you feel life in your surroundings. Also, you can use sticky notes for your visual content, which can add spark in the content.

2.      To-Do List Pads

Another thing that can help you to manage your routine throughout the day is to-do list pads. The purpose is quite similar to sticky notes; you can also use your funky sticky notes for more than one purpose.

Anyways, to-do list pads should be your go-to stationery item. It will help you to manage your blogging work and make yourself comfortable in performing more. In this way, you won’t forget the things that have to be completed on-time while you can also track the work easily.

3.      Cool Diary

No matter what is your age, the love for owning a cool yet funky diary never fades away. You will always keep on looking for ideas or stores from where you can buy a diary for yourself. From the colors to sizes, nothing can come between you and your love for the diary.

A diary is a part of blogging too. But, this blogging is something different that you do on the internet. It is the blogging about your life, which almost every person tends to keep separate.

If you are a two-way blogging person, then a diary should be your friend.

4.      Colored Pens

What to do with a diary and sticky notes when you don’t have pens to write? Definitely, every other person owns a pen, but for blogging, you can have a different set of pens.

Blue and black pens are too mainstream. Since blogging is a lot towards the creative side, you should look for pens that are in the versatile design and contains color variants. While writing, you will also enjoy the colors because it lights up the mood, and you are encouraged to do more creativity.

You can find many online stores or stationery businesses where such pens are available. Although the prices may vary, buying a colored pen can be one of the best choices ever.

5.      Desk Planner

Another interesting stationery item for a blogger is the desk planner. It is again similar to the previously listed items. A desk planner is often used to list down the appointments, meetings, events, and a lot more things.

Since the planner is always in front of you, it helps to keep you notify the activities that are lined up in the specific time.

For instance, you have to go live on your Instagram blog, and you mentioned the event on your planner. You don’t have to remind you again and again about the activity because the planner on your desk will be enough to inform you.


Last but not least, a blogger always has a set of books and magazines because it has to get the content for its followers.

If you also have a huge collection or are a bookworm, then bookmarks should be on your desk. It helps in making it easy for you to remember where you stopped reading the last time.

Bookmarks also come in different colors, sizes, shapes, and designs. It all depends on your interest, which type of bookmark goes best with your books.

Final Thoughts

If you see blogging from a wider perspective, then you know that there are a lot of things, which maintain its spirit. It can be anything; your skills, the ambience, the stuff you own, and the creative ideas.

You can bring life in your blogging if you own some cool stationery items. These are available easily everywhere. You can find the ones that make you stand out and different compared to others.

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