6 basic tips to improve your driving skills

It is no longer just about driving, Driving schools Birmingham, whether at the wheel of a private car, a transport service, a taxi, among others Driving is an action that requires more capacity than it appears, since in many cases the driver has to make quick decisions. For example, which way to go, based on visual cues, speed-distance estimates, perception of what is happening ahead, and awareness of what is around the vehicle.

The driver is forced to react in no time. It is no longer just about driving, but about doing it well, whether at the wheel of a private car, a transport service, a taxi, among others. Veronica Peon, one of the only Peruvian racers on the Circuit, in conjunction with ETNA specialists, has developed

Adjust your seat, mirrors, and steering wheel. It is very important to know how to adjust your mirrors correctly in order to have good visibility and reduce blind spots while driving. Many driving problems start with a poor driving position. It is necessary to find the exact distance that allows you to step on the pedals by slightly flexing the knee and without having to move the hip. As for the backrest, the approximate distance is when the wrist of the arm reaches the top of the steering wheel rim. The height of the bench should be low without affecting visibility.

2. Anticipate situations. One of the great skills that every driver must know is to anticipate situations, that is, to know how to interpret what is coming, be it the state of the highway, the traffic, the maneuver of another vehicle or the appearance of a pedestrian. It is very important to have the appropriate response prepared for an incident. For this it is vital to maintain attention and concentration. It is essential to look far, not fix your eyes on what is right in front of you, as if you were drawing a mental line of the line that the vehicle should follow during its journey.

3. Eliminate distractions. It is of utmost importance that while you are driving. Get rid of all kinds of distractions that some recklessness might generate. Automatic Driving Lessons Coventry Avoid things like eating, texting, or answering a call. Fixing your concentration on the route you are going should occupy your mind. You should also be on the lookout for your rearview mirrors frequently.

 Respect signs and traffic lights. A basic rule of driving is to respect the traffic lights and signals. However, there is never a lack of a pedestrian or reckless driver who crosses in an untimely way or wants to beat the light. Therefore, even if the light is green, you should always wait a small prudent time in case another car or person appears unexpectedly. The same is true at crossings, corners, stop signs, and turns.

5. Keep your distance. Maintain a safe distance between you and other vehicles, if you increase speed, it must become greater and greater, since untimely braking will allow you to react in time to avoid any accident. Likewise, the same should happen if you are stopped during traffic, since you never know when a motorcycle might speed across.

Car in optimal condition. Go to the mechanic regularly. Make sure of the optimal state of the brake fluid, Birmingham driving lesson the tire pressure, the lights, the state of the engine and, above all, the electrical system of the vehicle, starting with the battery. Remember that without it the car does not work and nobody likes to suffer mishaps because of it.

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