5 Web Design Hacks That Will Get You More Leads

A very important tool for your business is a website. It is used in different ways by different businesses. In ecommerce sales it can be used to make instant revenue. Leads can also be generated by using it. Increasing growth by taking the benefit of a website is the goal of most of the businesses. You will be surprised to know that without spending money in rebuilding and redesigning a website, the revenue, sales and leads of your trade can be increased by making the use of different ways. Now I am going to describe about 5 web design hacks that will get you more leads.  

1. A conversion audit should be performed by you – It is a fact that various businesses are unable to increase their conversion rate in spite of building appealing sites. It becomes necessary for them to perform a complete conversion audit. Your base can be stronger and the money spent on advertising will not be wasted if before initiating a marketing campaign, the problems are identified and improvements are made after doing the required corrections. The required conversion rates can be achieved quickly if you have made a solid base by doing optimization and split testing.

2. Call tracking should be used – If for generating phone calls several traffic sources are used by you then these sources should be sent to landing pages that are dedicated. Phone numbers that are unique can be featured on these landing pages. The maximum number of phone calls produced by the sources can be determined by making the use of call tracking. Handling the phone leads will not be difficult for you as direct routing to the phone number that is main will be done to all the numbers of call tracking. Addressing the sales staff and determination of lead quality can be done on the basis of all calls to be recorded by the most services of call tracking.

3. Clicking or simply scrolling done by the visitors should be identified by you – Once you have identified where the user clicks or does not click on your site then on the basis of this you can place your offers to those places where the user takes most interest in clicking. The clicks may be produced by a traffic source. This traffic source as well as the occurrence of the clicks can be determined by crazyegg, which is a heat map tool. The amount of scrolling down of the pages by the users can also be determined by using this tool. On the basis of this, several locations of call-to-action, can be tested and you can determine how many of these are seen by the visitors and if the clicks are made on these or not. If you think that conversions can be easily achieved just by throwing several offers on the site then you are wrong. More traffic can be converted on the basis of the strong data that can be obtained by the clicks that are made by the visitors.

4. The Google analytics data must be analyzed by you – You are required to do significant changes on the basis that before conversion what is being done by the traffic and also on the basis if the conversions are not produced by the sources of traffic. Sometimes it is not possible to convert traffic to social media and if it has been identified by you then what will you do? Under this situation the channels that can give good outcomes should be allocated the budget of social media. If your blog is getting more and more conversions then for getting a lot of traffic to it, the Taboola, Outbrain and several other outlets of distribution should be utilized by you. Along with this the content count should also be increased by you. The traffic sources that are poorly performing can be eliminated when the Google analytics data is fully understood by you.

5. Live chat should be installed by you – This tool can benefit almost every website. You can make a lot of consumers purchase from your site if you use chat operators for chatting with consumers and sales can be saved by you if several questions before the purchase are answered by these chat operators. Let us suppose that reservations are generated by a restaurant. These reservations can be facilitated with the help of live chat and it can also provide assistance in clarifying the way towards the restaurant. The live chat can be monitored by an employee of the restaurant and it is possible that mobile phones can be integrated with these chat services. Noticeable results can be obtained with this option and it will not cost you so much also.

If you are interested in website designing then you should know that the content can be arranged, conceptualized and planned here. The sites can be produced and maintained by using several disciplines and skills that come under website designing.

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