5 Vintage Hat Styles We Want To Bring Back

Clothing styles never get old. They just go out of the scene and after several years make a comeback and receive appreciation again. Fashion is all about the combination of various styles from a number of eras. The best thing about modern fashion is that it is not restricted to a specific era, in fact, it welcomes styles coming from old eras and fuse them together with contemporary trends to make these styles acceptable in the current era. Similarly, vintage hats hold their very own place in clothing. Back in the 19th century and early 20th century, hats were part and parcel of formal and casual clothing. You won’t see a gentleman of old times without wearing a hat on the streets. These hats back then were deemed as stylish clothing accessories for men and women alike. While a lot of us see those vintage hats as an elegant part of history, they can still add a decent touch of style to modern contemporary clothing. There are a variety of vintage hats that were suitable for a number of situations like morning and evening. Here we take a look at some of our favourite vintage hats that we want to bring back:  


Fedoras are undoubtedly one of the most popular vintage hats that stood against the test of time. Once popular amongst gangsters as a hat of choice. It was used extensively by gangsters in the early 20th century and the middle of 20th century. It was also used as a staple item by hipsters in 2000s. This hat style has made its way to modern fashions and is in demand again. This felt firm-brimmed hat is seen as a popular wardrobe addition. These hats come in a variety of sizes and colours and people choose their favourite colour according to the dress requirements. However, it is better to stick with hats that come in neutral colours and medium widths. Fedora hats that come in neutral colours can be used with a variety of dress colours including the dark and light ones. 

Panama Hats:

Panama hat is yet another popular hat style that has survived the test of time and is still popular amongst people who want to fuse nostalgic touch with modern fashion. These traditional hats with brimmed straw find their origin from Ecuador and can be a great style statement especially when they are combined with a beach backdrop. These hats are made up of plaited leaves and are perfect for seaside and beach times. We recommend their use in summers only because winters are not for this hat.


Also known as the derby, these hats find their origin from the iconic British formal dressing style. The reason behind the popularity of these hats is their use by multiple renowned actors like Charlie Chapli, John Cleese, and Curly Howard. These hats are usually hard felt with a narrow brim. These hats were popular amongst elite, middle, and working class alike and people used to wear this as an essential part of their clothing. It can still be a great addition to modern formal dressing and a head-turner for a number of people as well.


These hats are often confused with fedoras but they are different from each other. These hats are made up of tweed or straw, trilby comes with a smaller brim and a comparatively taller crown. These hats are suitable for use throughout the year. We recommend wearing it at the back of your head instead of pulling it forward to cover or protect your pace. It is usually considered as a style statement instead of being a functional hat.

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