5 Tips To Remove Whisky Stains

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House parties are great until things get out of hand and people overindulge in your Michter’s Bourbon. Usually, things get messy when alcohol is involved. It is not surprising that a gathering of adults may quickly turn chaotic under the influence of alcohol. When this happens, carpets easily get stained, not to mention that a few cutlery may break. Fortunately, it is easy to fix the carpet stains by quickly addressing the stain when sober again. Whether you want to clean the stains immediately or are willing to address the issue the day after, using the right techniques matters most; consider the tips below for this.

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  1. Blot up as Much Whisky from the Carpet as Possible

Hiring cleaning experts services is the easiest move one can make. However, it may not make sense if the damage is minor. To minimize the damage caused by the whisky spillage, make sure to handle the issue immediately when it happens.

The first thing to do is soaking up the excess whisky. This will prevent the whisky from getting deeper into the rug. Be quick when doing this to prevent the stain from becoming a permanent one. Make sure to use a clean towel, cloth, or rag when soaking up the whisky. It is even better if you choose a white garment because it is easy to tell how much whisky soaks up by the discoloration that occurs.

Exert some force or pressure on the towel or cloth to absorb as much whisky as possible. Stand on the towel if you must. Be careful never to rub the cloth or towel on the carpet surface when soaking up whisky. Rubbing may spread the whisky to other areas and exaggerate the problem instead of helping.

  1. Prepare a Vinegar Solution

Water may not be sufficient when removing severe stains from the carpet. Whisky stains tend to discolor and leave ugly patches when dry. Fortunately, a vinegar solution is recommended. It is a natural stain remover that will fix the problem without destroying the carpet’s fabric. Consider using white vinegar because of its antibacterial and disinfectant properties. What’s more, clear white vinegar will not discolor the carpet further.

However, use the correct measures when making the water-vinegar solution. To make the mix, take 1/3 cup of white vinegar with 2 to 3 cups of distilled water. Distilled water is cleaner and free from any particles. Mix this solution in a spray bottle for easy use when applying it on the carpet. Spray the mixture adequately and as many times as you need until the stain fades away. Once done, use a carpet fragrant to curb the strong smell of vinegar if it is not desirable to you. Alternatively, open your windows to let the smell of vinegar dissipate on its own.

  1. Make a Detergent Solution 

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In some cases, the vinegar solution may not be enough to obliterate the stain. Using a detergent solution after the use of a vinegar solution may hasten the stain removal process. Fortunately, there are numerous detergents one can use to remove stains. Find out what the market has for your carpet’s fabric. Check the commercial products on your local store. Consider reviews online on the different products you come across, to be sure.

Once you find the right detergent, mix a few drops of it with one cup of water. Dishwashing detergent is also good since it dissolves quickly in water. Mix the solution in a spray bottle for easy application.

Just like when applying the vinegar solution, spray the detergent solution directly on the stained area. Repeat the same process used in applying the vinegar solution until there is no more detergent left.

  1. Rinse the Area and Dry

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After applying the solutions, pour clean water on the stained area to rinse any residue left. Let the water stay for two or more minutes. To soak it up, use a clean and dry towel or cloth. Once it is properly rinsed, dry it out as fast as possible since letting it stay damp for long may cause a foul odor. Consider using a fan to dry and remove the moisture quickly.  Do not hasten the process using a hairdryer since it can only damage the carpet.

  1. Vacuum the Carpet

When the stain still seems to linger even after all the above happens, consider vacuuming the entire carpet. Bring out your vacuum cleaner for an in-depth cleaning process. Concentrate on the stained area for a better result. 

This will also help in eliminating the pungent whisky smell. Some people prefer using baking soda for the scent, while others simply use commercial carpet cleaning detergents. Go for whatever works or what is available. The baking soda powder works for most homesteads since it is readily available. After sprinkling it, use a vacuum to remove the baking soda powder and moisture from the carpet. Finish everything using a freshening powder to remove the smell.

Bottom Line

Accidents happen when people gather to have a good time, especially when drinks are involved. When this happens, consider fixing any spills immediately if you can. This is an easy way to address the issue. However, if the stain proves stubborn or large to handle, consider hiring expert cleaners to assist because they have the necessary equipment to get the work done.

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