5 Tips to Make Home Furniture Rental a Lot Easier

Are you starting to furnish your new apartment? Or perhaps you are getting your bedroom a makeover? Or renting a place for your temporary stay in Singapore?

If so, you may want to consider bedroom furniture rental, instead of purchasing everything. There are several reasons why renting might make more sense. Rather than worrying about the logistics and costs of moving your furniture by the time you need to leave, you can focus your energy and budget on more important matters.

To help you get started, here are some tips for renting furniture, not only for your bedroom but for the rest of the house as well. 

  1. Check out furniture online. Save time by starting your search for furniture online. Look for local furniture rental sites and check out their catalog. If you already have an idea of the specific high end furniture rental that you want, see if the rental company has similar offerings. Furnishings may have already been sorted per room. You can also look into available packages and rent bedroom sets. You may find a suitable package depending on the number of rooms you wish to furnish. If you would like to rent several quantities of a single item, that is possible too.
  1. Be flexible. Items you desire may no longer be available. Double-check with the staff by using the rental company’s contact page. It also helps to be flexible with your choices so you no longer have to go from one store to another. You may find a similar item from a different brand or in a different color. If you have specific requirements, leasing consultants will be happy to recommend available options. 
  1. Decide on your rental period. Bedroom furniture can be for rent on a short term or long term period. See if the minimum period for short term rental fits your needs. Usually, rental companies allow at least one month. If you are renting for 4 months or longer, this will most likely be considered a long term rental. Long term furniture also has several advantages, even if you are only getting a single item. It will be more practical in the long-run, especially if there are chances of your stay getting extended.
  1. Contact leasing consultants. Should you have further questions about the rental process, get in touch with the leasing consultant for expert advice. You could be having a hard time making decisions or would like further information on quotations and contract terms. You may also check with the leasing consultant on when the best time would be to visit the showroom and meet them personally.
  1. Ask about delivery rules. Plan accordingly so that your furniture will be ready when you need them. The rental company may not be able to accommodate same-day delivery. But you can always inquire about urgent delivery services. If you are unable to receive the items, you can authorize a representative. Note that there is likely a one-time delivery fee, but this can be waived if you would be renting for more than six months. Make it clear with the rental company so you would know what you only need to pay for. 

If there are any problems with the furniture you have received, contact the rental company. Servicing and maintenance may be free, depending on the terms in your contract. Renting furniture is easy and cost-effective, especially if you are working with a professional furniture rental company in Singapore. 

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