5 Tips To Avoid Drug Testing Mistakes

Drug testing is a meticulous procedure that is ideally undertaken by professionals to test the presence of illegal drugs in one’s body. Nowadays, it is mandatory to be well informed about drug testing procedures before being a part of the workforce of any organisation.

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Considering that many people are still misinformed of the procedures involved in drug testing, we have jotted down the top 5 steps to be aware of before getting involved in drug testing procedures, they are:

Being informed of workforce Drug testing laws:

Every state has different laws for drug testing. Being proficient in these laws will save you and your employees from legal ambushes in the future. Workplace drug testing is conducted on different occasions for different reasons and hence it is an added benefit to be aware of the laws concerning the same.

Consider the various drug testing types for your program:

Employers should carefully decide which type of drug testing is desirable for their company. Drug testing methods differ in cost, invasiveness and authenticity. There are several ways through which samples can be collected like in-house drug testing, third-party laboratory tests.

Similarly, there are various methods to obtain a specimen for testing, either by taking a sample of urine, blood, mouth swab or hair follicles. The method which matches the requirements of your organisation should be chosen to conduct drug testing.

Well formulated Drug testing Policy:

A well written, comprehensive drug policy should be created and signed by all employers and employees to avoid any sort of complication in the future. It is essential to protect the company as well as the employees from low productivity, wrongful termination, high turnover rates, etc. The drug testing policy should be regularly updated about changes in federal/state laws.

Proper communication of your expectations in your drug policy:

 Once the guidelines of the drug testing program are decided, mention in detail the consequences of a positive drug test of any employee who has acted against the given guidelines. Educate employees beforehand about the dangers of drug use and consult professional drug testing companies for assistance on the same.

There should be clear demarcation and clarity of expectations to avoid legal battles among employers and employees. Inform potential hires in advance about the zero-tolerance drug policy of your company.

Conduct reasonable suspicion testing:

Reasonable suspicion drug testing saves the company from the unwanted positive results of drug tests as the employees are constantly afraid to indulge in drug use and remain apprehensive. If an employee is involved in drug use, strict and immediate action should be taken against them and they should not be allowed to return to work.

It is time-consuming to draft drug testing policies for a company as it takes quite a lot of consideration and thought but it should not be complicated. The policy should be enforced on all employees without any bias. Taking assistance for the same from professionals for drug testing is always valuable.

They know how to document performance-related issues and behavioural signs. 24/7 Onsite is one such organization that could be helpful to you in case you are looking to know more or hire someone for drug testing at Corpus Christi.

Building a safe, successful and drug-free workplace is the motive of every employer. Motivating employees to stay clear of substance abuse is a good way to do your bit as an employer. 

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