5 steps to create a profitable online health coaching

The healthcare industry is changing. Now consumers don’t always run to a doctor when it comes to their diet and overall health. They take consultations from health coaches and nutritionists to better themselves.

If you are a health coach, you are an expert in the field, it is time to take your business online. Why? It is because:

  • Health coaches are in demand. To meet this, you have to go online because it is a feasible way for the business to connect with you.
  • It brings flexibility to your schedule. You can work with a client of your choice whenever you have the time for.
  • It brings a new source of income as you can connect with more people using an online medium.
  • It helps you bring a community as you connect with more people with your shared belief and opinions.

These are just some benefits of taking your health coaching business online. If you are thinking of doing the same, here are tips on the same.

1.      Have a business plan

You have a vision of taking your existing health coach online or starting a new online health coach business, it’s great, but it is not enough. You need a business plan as well. A business plan makes sure that you reach your goals. It helps you:

  • Be on track so that you know when to invest or what to invest in
  • Research your competition and work on using your resources in the best way possible
  • A business plan is necessary if you are looking to get a loan.

2.      Know the market

There are tons of health coach services online or in general. There are nutritionists and more. So, to gain a superior hand in the business, you have to learn about the market and the audience you are going to serve. Tips:

  • Take a look at your competitors and see what they are offering, and how you can be different?
  • Also, join a forum or look at reviews or grievances of people online to understand what they want and what their problems are? It will help you come up with services that can help them better.

3.      Work on your marketing strategy

The marketing strategy of your business starts with knowing your customers and target market. After that, work on:

Building your brand: To build your brand, you need to tell your story. The story of why you want to take the business online or what inspired you to start this health service? After that, work on your elements, like a logo, color scheme, theme, and more. Use Canva to design logos and a business card, which is certainly essential, even for an online fitness coach.

Have online presence: Now, you need to promote your business which requires using digital means like social media and websites.

  • Website: A website is an absolute must for an online health coach service provider. They store all their data here, and a client will contact you through this portal only. Use WordPress to design your website, and Canva to design the images that you want to put it in.
  • Social media: It is the best way to promote and expose your business a little more. Tons of people look for healthy recipes or a diet chart online. If you share amazing quality and informative images/videos and use the relevant hashtag, people will come to your website more, and you will get a high number of conversions.

4.      Provide special offers 

To have more power in the market, you need to have special offers or discounts to your customers. Look at what works best for you. For instance, you can provide 10% off if a person subscribes for your annual package or more.

  • Or it can be a free diet chart for a month or so on. Keep in mind:
  • Not to offer things that can become a burden for you, like one-on-one session every day.
  • Or don’t offer a 3 hours webinar as a person dealing with grief won’t be comfortable with it.

5.      Make sure you have certification

I am sure you are planning to launch an online health coaching business because you have a certificate in it, right? Passion alone won’t help. Be an expert in this field as the customer trusts those better who have a degree or certificate because, in the end, the people you help are putting their life in your hands.

Lastly, do some work for free, as it will help bring more clients. Maybe you can work with a yoga center to provide dietary information or a webinar on this for free.

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