5 Steps on Choosing The Best Prescription Lenses

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Prescription glasses are a big deal. When you buy prescription glasses online, its quality, coating, material, thickness, and other vital elements compliment your look and vision. Meeting these essentials in any prescription lenses helps to garner vision clarity, durability, and save a lot of money.

Apart from the frames, we know very little about lenses. Most of us get confused about whether coatings are right or not when buying prescription lenses. Today, we’ll uncover the little details about lenses to help you find the right one.

Selecting the lenses for you

1. Understand the key difference in prescription lenses

Single vision lenses – These lens types contain only one prescription. For correcting myopia or hyperopia, single-vision is used. Reading glasses are known to be the single-vision lenses that allow you to see nearby objects clearly. 

Varifocals – These lenses are also known as progressive lenses. Varifocals contain three different lenses put into one. The lenses are divided into three distances – far-distance, intermediate and close-up vision.

2. Thickness and Material of the lens

The thickness of the lenses increases with a higher prescription. If you prefer slim lenses, that are easy, thin, and lightweight, then you’ll encounter the term “high-index.” These types of lenses are expensive and rarely available for cheap glasses UK. Still, it’s not that difficult, you can find high-index lenses as the best and affordable range at Specscart.

The thickness or the index in the lenses depending on your prescription. If you are long-sighted (over +2.00 prescription) opting for lenses made in a minimum edge surface (thin). If your prescription is over +3.00, then get 1.67 high-index lenses, that are much thinner. And if your prescription is over +5.00 (rare), then consider 1.74 lenses.

For a short-sighted vision (over -2.00 prescription), go for Trivex, a light but strong material or high index 1.6 lenses. With prescription over -4.00, select 1.67 lenses, and if it over -6.00 then go for 1.74 lenses. 

3. Consider the lens coatings

You’ll witness a handful of different coating for prescription glasses while you are buying. Each of the coatings serves its purpose. Depending on your needs, find the right one that protects and enhances the lenses. 

Anti-glare Coating

Anti-glare coating virtually removes unwanted and disturbing reflection from the lens surface. By eliminating the glare, your vision is perfectly clear and it’s helpful for night driving and computer use. It also makes your glasses look attractive.

Anti-scratch Coating 

No matter what designer clear frames glasses or round glasses you possess, the chances of the lens getting scratched in extremely high. Especially, plastic lenses that scratch pretty easily than other lenses. It can cause great trouble and irritation as it hinders your vision. So, getting an anti-scratch coating on your lenses ensures their durability and protection against damage for life.

Anti-UV coating

The sun has multiple ways to impact our health, this time, it affects us through our eyes. The penetration of UV rays in the eyes causes severe damage to the retina, resulting in severe eye condition. UV-blocking coating helps to provide protection for your eyes by reflecting the rays. 

You can get these coatings all together on your lenses or choose them based on your needs. Either way, the coating is an extra layer of protection that enhances your vision and protects your eyes from potential damages. The coatings charge extra, so it might increase your budget. Luckily, you can get them all for FREE at Specscart. This British eyewear startup offers each of their glasses in impact-resistant lenses with anti-glare, anti-UV, and anti-scratch coating.



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