5 Skills for Successful Content Writing

There are a few things that you need to learn how to master if you want to smash it out the park with your content writing services. When it comes to successful content writing, you need to have an entire toolkit of marketable skills and assets in your arsenal, ready to deploy these when you begin your process. There is so much information out there that it can sometimes be overwhelming to sift through different articles and sources to find what you need to begin. Here we’ll list five simple ways you can better your practice as a content writer and gain the success that you truly deserve.

Know the basics

Before you begin your journey to becoming a successful content writer, make sure to get familiar with the key elements associated with the world wide web and content writing. Some of these basics include HTML, CSS, WordPress and everyone’s favourite, SEO. The more advanced your knowledge is, the more comfortable you will be writing for those formats and topics, and the more original and interesting your content will be too.

Know your socials

Everyone and their gran has a social media account these days, but it’s not just enough to know your way around Instagram or Facebook. Good content writers are also experts when it comes to social media. It’s good for you to be an ambassador for your own brand, and you can start doing that by being a social media specialist. It maybe doesn’t mean living and breathing social media if that’s not your thing, but it would benefit you to really do your homework here. Understanding trends as well as being an active user and participating on socials is an excellent way to build your audience, as well as strengthen your knowledge and expertise in relation to the social media landscape.

Know your audience

Make sure that you know who your audience is before you begin writing. Trust us, it will make the process more straightforward when you know how to tailor your output to your audience. When you have an idea of what your readers’ expectations are, it will be easier for you to meet those expectations. Also readers can tell when something has been written with them in mind, and they appreciate it that much more.

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Know your styles

Different formats and types of writing require their own unique styles and tone. You can afford to be more friendly and casual on social media platforms and blogs, whereas news articles often have to be more serious in tone. Web and ad copy is often short and to the point, with the aim of the game being to be as persuasive as possible in order to get the audience to follow through on a call to action. You want to be able to convey whatever story you’re trying to tell with as much precision and creativity as you can muster, and that takes a lot of work.

Know your reputation

Although it is sometimes tempting to plagiarise a teeny tiny bit of content if no one is looking, this will do absolutely nothing for your reputation or your credibility. It’s also bad news for SEO, so you’ll want to make sure that your content writing is as original as possible. Of course it is very easy to accidentally duplicate certain phrases here and there, especially with the sheer amount of content and writing that is available online in 2020. The best thing that you can do for you and your brand is to do all of your research before writing a piece and take notes. When you begin to write, make sure you are writing from your head and not referencing someone else’s writing. If you absolutely must refer to another person’s writing or ideas, make sure you reference or link people to the source in your content.

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