5 reasons why couples should create wedding invitations online.

Wedding invitations online have become a big trend in the last few years. While it started off as something that the guests would not like, couples slowly started to understand why it is important to create wedding invitations online. Here’s what a couple who created the wedding gift registry had to say about their experience

“We didn’t want to spend a lot at our wedding. We also didn’t want to create a lot of waste at the wedding. So we thought that wedding invitations online was the best option for us.”

So here’s why a couple must think about going for wedding invitations online.


Ever wondered what the process of creating printing wedding invitations is? There’s the choice of cards. This requires physical trips to the wedding invites store. Then there is the content creation. Then there is the proofreading, then test prints and only then does the final print come out for you to start sending out. While this is just the first step of printed wedding invites, there’s this whole process of couriers and passing on the invites to guests. Now if all of this was just reduced to picking a design online and sending it to guests, how amazing would it be? Wedding invitations online is exactly that.

Social distancing

In the time of social distancing, there is a need for wedding invitations online. It doesn’t make sense to go from home to home to deliver wedding invitation cards when all of that can actually be done online.

Less expensive

Wedding invitations online are really cheap. And if you’re a designer you definitely don’t need to worry because you can design the card on your own and sending the cards doesn’t need any money. But even if you are not a designer there are a lot of platforms online that can help couples choose wedding invitations online without spending a lot of money.

Lots of options

GIF cards, animated cards, wedding video invitations, photo cards and more – There are so many options wedding invitations online have to offer. So if you are tired of the regular printed wedding invitations then it’s best to go online.

Eco friendly

This is the best reason for going online with a wedding invitation. Wedding invitations online don’t waste tons and tons of paper. By doing wedding invitations online one can stay away from polluting the environment too.

So that’s the beauty and the benefit of doing wedding invitations online. It’s super easy, convenient, saves time, saves the environment and also reduces a great deal of stress.

Here are some platforms that help you with wedding invitations online

Wedding Wishlist – This one is the couple’s most favourite website. While their main offering is a gift registry, their wedding invitations online collection is really amazing. From photo cards to GIFs they have everything available.

Greetings Island – While their collection is mostly modern they still do have a good set of cards for everyone. Paperless Post – A lot of Indians use this website too because it has a good mix of Indian and modern cards.

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