5 Overall Health Benefits Connected With Your Oral Hygiene

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Do you know oral hygiene is strongly connected with your overall health? Many people don’t know about this and they have a misconception that oral hygiene just protects your teeth and mouth from diseases. However, it’s not true. The reality is far different from that. I myself have this misconception until I met top dentists in Lahore who helped me to understand why oral health is important and how it affects your overall health.

After taking care of my oral hygiene I manage to improve my overall health. Thus, I am spreading awareness so that people like you can get benefits from what I learned. So without further ado here are the 5 health benefits that are connected with your oral hygiene.

1.       Improve Mental Health

Good oral hygiene improves mental health. The research study in this aspect also finds out that bad oral hygiene is connected with bad mental health. Researchers conclude that you can’t achieve good mental health without improving your oral health. Another research paper published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information on oral hygiene stated that people with bad oral health have low self-esteem while good oral health boosts confidence.

2.       Control Diabetes

Good oral health helps in avoiding diabetes. But how? If you have bad oral health you are most likely to get diabetes because a gum infection in your mouth called periodontitis can increase your blood sugar level. In case you are already a diabetic person than you are more likely to get oral diseases and can lose your teeth. Thus, start brushing your teeth twice a day to avoid diabetes and make significant changes in your diet also.

3.       Promotes Heart Health

Your heart health is also connected with your oral health. Good oral health improves your heart health and prevents any heart diseases. Like diabetes, heart diseases are also caused by gum disease and the same bacterial infection named periodontitis affects the bloodstream which in result affects the heart valves. Patients who have artificial heart valves must take their oral hygiene seriously.       

4.       Avoids Respiratory Diseases

If you want to avoid respiratory diseases then start taking care of your oral health. Just avoiding smoking is not going to protect you from such diseases. If the bacteria from your mouth makes it way to your lungs it will badly affect your lungs. Take an example of coronavirus that also enters into the lungs through the mouth and then causes severe lung damage which results in respiratory problems.

Hence it is important to take care of your oral health. However, if you are having a breathing problem it is necessary to contact your doctor first. Because all respiratory problems are not caused by oral health.

5.       Protection against Inflammatory Diseases

Like periodontitis that causes diabetes and heart problems, gingivitis is also an inflammatory disease. The root cause of both of these diseases is bad oral hygiene. If you are not brushing your teeth regularly and consuming too much sugar then plaque starts appearing on your tooth which results in gum disease gingivitis which if not treated on time causes periodontitis that results in heart problems and diabetes.  

Summing Up:

I hope you completely understand why and how oral hygiene is connected with your overall health. If you were not previously taking your oral health seriously then it’s time to rethink that. Start now and protect yourself from any of the above diseases.

If you have tooth decay or gum problems it’s better to visit your nearest dentist first. Remove already created plaque from your tooth for avoiding any health issues caused by inflammatory diseases.

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