While furnishing and decorating an office space, you should also ensure that the office bathrooms are also getting due attention. A pleasant, well-stocked and cared for bathroom will not just help keep the staff productive but also maintain your professional image to visitors. Well kept bathrooms are as much a necessity of the office today as nicely designed public areas.

If you are planning to refurbish your office restrooms anytime soon, here are just 5 of the essential fixtures and accessories you should definitely add, if you don’t have them already.

Automatic soap dispenser

If you have not yet moved from manual soap dispensers to the automatic kinds, it’s time you did. Automatic soap dispensers, although initially a little more expensive than the manual dispensers, offer some very clear and definite advantages:

  1. Being touchless, they help avoid the danger of cross-contamination (a major concern among people today)
  2. By releasing measured amounts of soap at one time, these dispensers reduce the wastage of soap and reduce the overall costs of product
  3. They can be operated easily even by the very young, the very old, disabled, etc. since they use sensors to operate and don’t need any manual manipulation.

Hand paper towel dispenser

Instead of hand driers where there is the risk of some cross-contamination, make sure that you keep your employees safe by installing a hand paper towel dispenser in the office bathroom. There are many types of dispensers to choose from:

  1. With the standard roll hand paper towel dispensers, users crank a lever to dispense the needed length of paper; they are not the most sanitary as they require physical contact.
  2. Hands-free roll hand paper towel dispensers allow the user to tear a sheet of paper off without having to touch the dispenser. This is a more hygienic option and also less wasteful as the output is limited.
  3. Centre-pull roll towel dispensers are good for high-traffic bathrooms; a user can pull a single sheet of paper out from the bottom, and only touches that one towel.
  4. Folded hand paper towel dispensers release folded sheets of paper, one at a time. Paper towels remain sanitised as they are enclosed within.

Facial tissue dispenser

While hand paper towels are definitely a must-have in the bathroom, it is also important to stock sufficient quantities of good quality facial tissues. Face tissues are softer and better in quality than paper towels and better suited to the delicate skin on the face and neck. A variety of brands offer many kinds of facial tissues for all kinds of requirements and budgets.

A good office restroom should have facial tissue dispensers available to help workers clean up during or at the end of the day.

Feminine hygiene dispenser

If you have any female members in your workforce, the is necessary to ensure that your bathroom has a dispenser for feminine hygiene products as well. It’s a very simple way to make sure that your lady colleagues never have to feel inconvenienced. More and more businesses are adding the feminine hygiene dispenser to their list of essential bathroom accessories while setting up their offices.

Multiple waste bins

Sometimes, a business might put a lot of effort into furnishing their bathroom with the best accessories, only to stumble over one simple thing – the waste bins. Ideally, aim to have more waste bins than you think you need, so as to prevent unsightly overflows. You can buy waste bins of all sizes and materials today.