5 Misunderstanding You Have About UPVC Windows

It is common to have misconceptions about a certain thing especially when it is new in the market. People do not trust things easily and look like an option only when they get positive feedback. The Un-plasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride i.e. uPVC windows are one such technology that is booming in the market. Customers are feeling afraid to invest in such technology which looks like a glass window or door. These are some of the common conceptions by the people which is making them stay away from brilliant uPVC windows technology.

This article talks about some of the misconceptions about the uPVC windows and what is the actual truth about it. Here are 5 listings of the misconceptions:

  1. They are delicate

Due to its transparency look, people think it is similar to a glass door. These frames are so strong that they can handle every kind of weather in India. It is double glazed and is thick in nature. It is the professional version of PVC. These windows do not break and can sustain for years. They are very different from the glass windows which break easily with heat or crack. These windows always retain their shape and size.

  • They are bad for the environment

They are actually eco-friendly in nature and do not cause any kind of harm to the environment. These uPVC windows can be recycled after the usage for years by melting. These uPVC technologies save a lot of trees as it acts stronger than a wooden window and door. You can save lot of energy during the wintertime as it keeps the house warm by banning the entry of outside air. It is a bad conductor of heat and does not heat up your home easily.

  • They look cheap

This is not at all true since it looks appealing and gives a clean look to the house. It looks aesthetically beautiful meeting all the home themes and gives an intellectual outlook to the home. It simply gives a French look with its design which is home to high fashion.

  • They don’t last long

It is another big misconception and is quite actually opposite to it. These are the most long-lasting uPVC windows which stay for 40-70 years. These windows do not require any paint and maintenance since it is easily washable.

  • They are white in colour and fade overtime

The uPVC comes in various colours and shades and can be matched with every house theme. Customers can choose any colour they want for uPVC windows and they are good to go.

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