5 Helpful Tips for Your Japan Family Tours

Japan is a beautiful country where the old and new embrace each other harmoniously. You will find gorgeous temples, traditional houses, amusement parks, and streets teeming with neon lights. Transportation is easy and modern, but there are also plenty of opportunities to walk around. 

It is not the type of destination where you will be stuck in a fancy hotel with the kids. Each day will have you marveling at new places you explore.  With that said, here are some tips when planning your own Japan family tours.

  1. Research. This is the most important part of travel planning. Japan is a unique country with a myriad of things you could do. It helps to list down activities and places that you want to include in your itinerary. Join online forums or groups to gather advice from other traveling families. Better yet, hand in your itinerary to a professional travel agency in Singapore. They will refine your itinerary and get you all the help you need to ensure your family’s comfort. Eyeing that elusive reservation at a restaurant? Your travel agent could get it for you too.
  1. Purchase tickets in advance. You would want to avoid long queues when you have energetic little kids in tow who cannot stay put for long. Consider buying tickets to attractions in advance. This may also help you save more as sellers may offer discounts if you get multiple tickets from them. You will only have to print or download the tickets and make the most of the day navigating the tourist attractions. A travel specialist can also assist you with this.
  1. Pack light. This travel tip is helpful anywhere you go as a family, but it is insanely beneficial when you are in Japan. While there are elevators and public transportation is convenient, walking will still be inevitable. Streets can be crowded and when in public, you are expected to keep an eye on your little ones. You cannot let them run around shouting or talking too loudly. It is easier to care for kids when you do not have many belongings to also look after. Oh, and do not forget to wear comfortable shoes!
  1. Be strategic when choosing accommodation. Walking is great but you need to limit it if you are taking little kids with you. Choose accommodation located near train stations or parks, if possible. You need to be very specific when booking to ensure that the room size and capacity is right for your needs. You will find hotels, inns, and Airbnbs anywhere in Japan. It is up to you to decide which one will be most suitable for your family. If you will be working with a travel consultant in Singapore, be sure to inform them about your specific needs.
  1. Bring cash. It would not be hard finding ATMs in Japan, but for your convenience, make it a habit to carry cash. Be sure to inform your bank that you will be traveling overseas. Cards are widely accepted in Japan, but there are also several stores, establishments, and food stalls that only accept cash. Additionally, it is beneficial to download an app or file that will guide you when converting currencies. It helps to keep screenshots or photos of the information you need in case the Internet connection is poor.

A customised travel itinerary prepared for you by a travel agency will ensure that everyone stays happy throughout your stay in Japan. Kids would have to rest and you would need to recharge. While you want to visit as many places as possible, you will also want to soak in and make the most of your every stop.

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