5 Essential Tools to Keep Your WordPress Content Marketing Strategy Organized

What’s the major purpose for owning a WordPress site? For a few people, the goal is the website itself. They build it because they need to share something important with the audience. When it involves business websites, however, the concept is clear: it’s all about marketing. In both situations, the web site will need some promotion, too. You would like more people visiting it, so it’ll become successful. That’s done through an efficient content marketing campaign. Although, if you need content for a website but you’re not able to make one, no worries. You can hire online Dissertation Writing Services experts and their services to get yourself good content. Even though they are assignment writers, they can handle every kind of paperwork in a quality manner.

Therefore, let’s be honest: it’s a complex and time-consuming process. In fact, it doesn’t end as long as you propose to keep that website alive. You’ll be developing plenty of content, and you’ll be promoting it all over social media and other platforms. WordPress is great as it is, but your site won’t attract traffic if you don’t have a content marketing strategy. That aspect of your work requires careful organization since it’s to become a part of your daily work. Fortunately, there are great tools which will assist you do this. Let’s concentrate on the essential ones, shall we?


The organizing process starts with a decent calendar. When will you post? What topics will you cover? How will you arrange your time in an exceedingly way that helps you undergo the research, writing, and editing process and have the content ready on time? Many website owners wish to use Google Calendar for this purpose. It’s okay. It’s a basic tool that provides you the functionality you need to rearrange the plan. But if you wish to use Google Calendar simply as a tool for your daily schedule, the content calendar may drift in between the tasks. You would possibly need a special tool dedicated to content organization. That’s DivvyHQ. It’s an editorial planner specifically designed to assist website owners organize their plan. The tool enables you to make a vast number of calendars and share them together with your team. You’ll have enough space to plan your entire content strategy, together with action steps which will guide your team through it. Additionally to content planning, it also enables you to automate publication of content. Plus, it provides you with detailed analytics. It’s an overall campaign management tool that simply is sensible. You’ll try an attempted version for 14 days, but you’ll need to opt for a plan if you intend to keep using it. The Lite Plan, which should be enough for a small content team, costs $30 per month.


Asana is another project management tool you must try. It works great for organizing your content marketing strategy. It isn’t nearly as visual as other tools, but it does offer a high-level view of your publication calendar. Asana allows users to make projects. Within those projects, you’ll create tasks. And within those tasks, you’ll make subtasks. In other words, you’ll create a project titled “Content Marketing.” Then you’ll create tasks for every piece of content you’re getting to publish over the following few months. You’ll set due dates, and assign and make subtasks within each content marketing task. Asana also will track the progress of every project, letting you recognize whether or not people are meeting due dates and the way many tasks are remaining before completion. Asana’s search bar allows you to seek out in-progress or already completed tasks. If you would like to manage a team of content marketers, big or small — and you aren’t too concerned about visual representations of progress — Asana is perhaps an honest fit for you. It’s free for teams of up to 15 people and $9.99 per member, per month, for larger businesses.

Google Analytics for WordPress

A content marketing strategy isn’t only about planning content development. It’s also about discovering what works and what doesn’t work for your audience. With proper analytics, you’ll be ready to concentrate on the sort of content that works and fix the problems with content that doesn’t bring you traffic. It’s important to get detailed and reliable data about the way visitors come and behave at your website. You’ll see their location and other demographics, the devices they use to access your site, the pages they visit the foremost, and therefore the pages they bounce from. This Google Analytics plugin for WordPress gives you all that data. It’s a bit like Google Analytics, but it’s within the form of a plugin, so it makes it more convenient for you to get the analytics you need. It’s free.

Yoast SEO

Just as you propose the topics and dates, you’ll also get to plan the keywords that your content marketing campaign goes to focus on. You’ll have to discover the right keywords, plan content which will include them, and track the results. To keep this part of the method organized, you’ll use an easy WordPress plugin – Yoast SEO. It’ll assist you plan and control your on-page SEO strategy, but it also gives you title and Meta description templating options. That’s important once you want your pages to seem more attractive within the search results. The foremost important feature of Yoast SEO is its Insights tool. It only comes with the Premium version. It shows you what your text focuses on, so you’ll match the context of your content with the keywords you’re using.


Your social media campaign won’t be limited to your website content. If, for instance, you publish content twice every week, that might limit you to 2 posts per week. It’s not enough. You would like to create your social media pages more active, so you’ll have to be compelled to find relevant content to share. That’s where Paper.li comes into the image. It’s a tool that helps you discover and collect great content to share. If, for instance, you maintain a WordPress site for shoe cleaning products, your audience would even be curious about the newest shoe trends. You’ll also share articles on the way to pick the simplest pair of shoes for particular outfits. Paper.li makes it very easy for you to seek out and collect content that your audience are going to be curious about. It uses social signals to seek out the foremost engaging and relevant content from all around the web and social media. Then, you’ll share that content together with your social media followers. You’ll accompany it together with your commentary. No; this won’t necessarily lead people towards your website. But it’ll bring you more visibility on social media, and that’s part of the marketing campaign. Plus, you’ll combine that content into a newsletter that you’ll send to your email subscribers. You’ll include your own content in that newsletter, so you’ll win double points for delivering value to your audience and attracting them at your website. The free package is nice for personal use, but you would possibly want to upgrade to Pro and pay $9 per month if you would like more advanced features.

Eventually, do you know how many of us started their own websites and didn’t keep them alive simply because they failed at content marketing? It’s an intimidating challenge. If you’re not focused enough, you’ll soon lose hope. But if you create and maintain a well-organized content marketing strategy, your WordPress site is going to be getting more popular by the day. That’s what we’re all aiming for, and that’s what the tools above help us achieve. Besides, most individuals need content for their brand but because of their low writing skills, they face difficulties while writing content. If this is your case, no worries because with the help of an online dissertation Writer and their services, you can get yourself good content.

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