5 Effective Kitchen Medicine Tips for healthy life

In the fast moving world, there are different kinds of people in our society. Few running behind money, some spending lot of their time and money in a spa to make themselves beautiful, few in finding a rare herbs or spending lot of money in buying medicine to make themselves healthier and fitter. So this blog is to make these people relax a bit and stop them from their long run. Read the complete blog for 5 best kitchen medicine tips.

Why we need to strain ourselves lot when we can get all these just in our kitchen without spending much penny. Surprised but that’s true.

Let’s go inside deeper to know the secrets of being healthier, fitter and beautiful by just using simple stuffs. 

1. Coriander leaves

kitchen medicine

Coriander leaves is something which adds richness and more flavor to our dishes. But believe it or not, there are many other benefits which we are not aware of. Check below to know about the method of preparation and its usage.

Was it a big party in your house today..? Feeling that your stomach is being overloaded.

No worries… There is something to make you feel better in a jiffy.

What is required is just a few coriander leaves.

Take few coriander leaves, wash it in clean water, grind well and take the juicy extract out of it.

Now our healer is ready. Have 50ml of the juice to get a fast relief. This juice would stimulate our digestive system and make it work better.

It is also good to drink this juice daily morning in empty stomach.

It also purifies our blood and makes the liver work properly.

Other Benefits of this extract are below.

  • Add one or two drop of the juice in your eyes regularly and this will reduce the pressure in your eyes (glaucoma) and provide clear Eye Sight in long way…
  • Do you feel the leftover of the grinded mixture is a waste?

Nope. Not at all.

Just add few drops of rose water to it and apply on your face to make your skin look brighter and remove the dark circles around your eyes and make you look 10years younger by doing it regularly. 

2. Coriander seeds

kitchen medicine

Add few coriander seeds and fennel seeds to water and boil it in a low flame for a while. Add jaggery to taste. This coriander tea will be a good remedy for the below:

  • Urinary infection.
  • Advanced Urine infection with discharge of blood along with urine.
  • Gas trouble.
  • One of a common problem woman faces during pregnancy is leg getting swollen.This coriander tea turns to be a very good remedy for the swollen legs.
  • This tea will also act as good purgative.

3. Onion

kitchen medicine

Onion is the one which finds it place in all our dishes. Apart from that let’s know what its other specialties are.

  • It turns to be a simple medicine for fever, cold and cough. Grind it well and keep it on our fore head. This will reduce fever. In taking more onions will also help in reducing fever.
  • Apply the onion juice over the place where the scorpion had bite. This turns to be good cure for this.
  • Other common problem is tooth ache. Mix onion juice and water in 1:2 ratios and boil it in low flame. Gargle it well. This will kill the germs in our teeth and relieve us from tooth pain and even throat infection.
  • The old people encounter a common problem of not getting proper sleep. Grind the 6 small onions and take the juice out of it. Add jaggery to the 50 ml of onion juice prepared. Have it daily. This will give a good deep sleep.
  • Intake two or three raw small onion with salt daily in empty stomach to keep us away from any sort of allergy.
  • Taking a sip of Onion extract with honey will remove the blood clot in your body.
  • For better results, use small onions.

4. Mint leaves

kitchen medicine

This is an Anti-Expectorant. Its benefits are countless. Few listed below:

  1. Take a handful of mint leaves and boil well in a cup of water. Add 5 to 6 drops of lemon juice and 2 teaspoon of honey to it. Stir well. This turns to be a very good cough syrup
  • Take 50ml of this syrup morning and evening in empty stomach and be away from cough and cold.
  • It also stimulates our digestive system thus helping to have a good appetite.
  • Grind the mint leaves and add 5 to 6 drops of rose water to it. Applying this paste on our face daily will help us not only to overcome the skin disease but also makes our skin look brighter and fresh. You can apply it in all parts of body as a medicine for skin disease including psoriasis.
  • Applying this grinded paste on your scalp and hair will heal your sinus problem.
  • Take a steam therapy by adding few mint leaves to water to overcome cough and cold. It also makes our face look fresh and beautiful.

Grind the dry mint leaves and use this powder to brush your teeth to stay of ahead tooth problems like tooth pain and tooth sensitivity. Your tooth will also look brighter.

5. Amla

kitchen medicine

Amla has a very rich content of vitamin C. The surprising fact about this Amla which is really very cheap in market is that it is hundred times more nutritious than apple which costs a lot. Intake this regularly and be ready to answer your friends questions on looking younger and younger, fit and beautiful than ever… 😉

  • Add 10 to 20ml of amla juice with turmeric and have it daily to make your liver strong.
  • It cures jaundice.
  • Dry the amla and soak it in honey. Have it daily to have a rich content of vitamin C and calcium.
  • It is a boon for sugar patients.
  • This reduces the sugar level and keeps it under control.
  • It even makes our bones and gums strong.
  • It also cures the heart disease.

Last Words

These are not the tips which I have just learnt somewhere. These are the ones which I use in my day to day life and got infinite benefits out of it. That’s the reason for me to share these secrets with you all. Don’t think it ends here. It’s just a start. This post would be continuing to benefit you more and more. Watch out here for my future updates.

Hope you found this article useful and your comments about this post are always welcome.

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