5 digital marketing certifications for beginners in 2020.

Analytics, Copywriting, ROI, creative direction, sales, digital media, content, and customer baseline so on and so forth. There seems no end in the inclusion of skills in digital marketing. A college degree can direct you to a job space, but hard skills like digital marketing will actually land you in a job.

Companies today are including skilled people in their marketing units; earlier, only giant companies could afford a psychologist. But now everyone is consulting a psychologist and making their strategies aligned with the theories suggested by them.

A digital marketer is an implementer and an executor of these theories and also serves as a means to help the psychologist in getting the current and future picture. He lends his expert hands in many ways; awareness about the changing market, faster routes, and investment avenues are some of it. There is much to talk about and discover when we think of Digital Marketing.

Certifications actually make the difference; we will find equal or more than equal educated candidates in the market. But what makes the difference is certifications. This helps a candidate to be trendy and useful.

We shall discuss five such digital marketing certifications that are useful in 2020. So let’s begin!  

Mastering SEO, content marketing, PPC, and Digital Analytics by Coursera

You get to learn about Programmatic Buying, Google ads, PPC, Google Analytics, digital analytics, SEO foundation, and content marketing. This certification course is a huge success from Coursera. Students across the globe join this online certification program and learn the basics of digital marketing.

This certification can get you an entry-level digital marketing job. If you have majors in Marketing and you have done this certification! Then any marketing job is open for you, and your salary will be negotiated on your terms.

This certification course is one month long, constituting 14 sessions of two hours each.

Mastering social media, mobile marketing, and digital strategy by Simplilearn

This is quite a humble approach by one of the leading LMS Simplilearn. This company is a decade old but has offered only relevant courses and certifications to its users. It has a wide variety of certifications in its portfolio. They also provide courses on Cybersecurity, ITIL, AI, Big data, et cetera.

This certification is a fortnight program with a certification exam included at the end of the program. They have an online classroom facility where you can interact with your tutor and ask as many doubts as possible. They have separate doubt clearing classes at the end of each module. In this certification course, you will be acquainted with digital marketing modules such as

 SME introduction that includes

  • Social Media
  • Social media strategies and planning
  • Social advertising
  • Social media measurement & reporting
  • Social media channel management and management tools and quizzes at the end.

In domains like e-mail marketing and mobile marketing, they have modules such as:

  • Email service providers
  • Email rules and regulations
  • Email campaign management
  • Mobile advertising
  • Promotions
  • Mobile analysis

It is a complete package; there are many other domains taught and tested in this certification, like website conversion rate optimization foundations, digital marketing strategy, twitter marketing, YouTube and video marketing, Facebook marketing, and marketing automation foundation. This is a complete digital marketing certification course.

Advanced web analytics

This certification is presented by and accredited by OMCP! You get to learn in deep about web analytics. This is a specialization course in digital marketing. This certification course would teach an applicant in details about privacy and ethics, retention and expansion, advocacy, conversions and onboarding, acquisition, audience, managing analytics and enabling capabilities so on and so forth. This certification is ideal for a specialist role. Any individual who has spent at least two years in the digital marketing space and wants to be a specialist in web analytics, then they can surely go for this OMCP accredited certification course.

Master program certifications

Coursera, Edureka, udemy, Simplilearn are indulging in master’s program certifications they offer master’s program on electives like:

  • Advanced Mobile marketing
  • Advanced Email marketing
  • Advanced website conversion rate optimization
  • HubSpot Email Marketing certification training
  • Advanced SEO
  • Advanced web analytics


There are certification courses available as per your needs for specialization. But experts recommend for entrants to go through the starter or fundamental certification first and then branch to specialization. Once you get a job with the foundational certification, you can do the specialists certification course aligned to your interests.

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