5 Cold Email Templates To Generate More Leads

It seems a real tough job to send b2b prospecting emails when you get no response from the prospects. You know the struggle if you have sent cold emails before to generate leads.

No matter how big or small your business is, you will continuously be facing the problem if you don’t act upon it. Before doing any such correction ask yourself by analyzing the context.

  • Have empathy and understanding as to WHY should the customers respond to you just by your email.
  • Have a proper understanding and framework to help you people realize this.

To get hold of these two easy problem solving along with templates. It is no hidden secret as to how important the templates play in your cold emails. 

These b2b leads generating templates are not a magic bullet of any silver lining for lead generation. It requires your effort, dedication, analysis, and personalized behavior for the same. Do not copy-paste the template but take inspiration. And, before sending a cross-check with the funnel of 

  • What the lead needs
  • Why should people opt for your product
  • Are you impacting their life with your services?

Answering these questions makes the template and spreads awareness.  Of Course b2b lead generating tools also help but not without getting on a pernal touch.

  1. Ask for an Introduction

Not often used but can work well to generate leads. Sounds like a referral. Getting acquainted by a mutual increases your response to get a positive response. Not necessarily important to work for everyone. But as the approach of getting a mutual connection for introduction can give you pretty good results.


Hi (name),

I was looking to get introduced ( name of the person you are looking for) from( company’s name). I saw that you were connected to him. Not aware of the bond you share but if it’s worth getting an introduction to talk about our work please help us get connected.

I need assistance regarding the b2b lead generating tools and his methods would surely leverage our company in this perspective. 

Please let me know if you feel comfortable doing this, so that I can send a proper request and query so that you can forward it to him.

Any help is much appreciated.

  1. Mention a competitor’s product

        This template focuses on prospects that use the similar services you will provide. Sending this b2b prospecting mail. Using the same service gives you an assumption that the lead might be interested in for a change & interested in your product.

You just need to give a few highlights of your service USP and why it will be a better choice from any other product in the market.


Hi (name),

Just came across your website and noticed that you were using (your competitor’s product). How are you liking it? Are you looking for a change with ( why you’re company?) I run a (service) called ( your company).

It’s just like ( your competitor’s product), only if ( the differences, USP). if you are up for it, I would love to jump on a quick call with you and get your opinion on how we could make( prospects company) better ( and see if that works well for both of us).

Would ( date & time) be a good time for you? If not, I’m flexible, just let me know.

  1. Problem-Agitating-Solution

     No one in the whole loves problems but looks for an easy solution that comes with finding. Problems bring along frustration and in business, it is more irritating and solutions can be costly.

The tactic of solving the putting hold of the b2b leads to pain points and throwing the spotlight on the solution far better and why & how it would be beneficial will surely reduce the stress but will ensure a conversation that is a call to action.


Hi ( name),

When was the last time you didn’t have to wait for the lead generating tool to work smoothly?

If you have no time to get consumed by even for a second but the lead generating tools have become a barrier for you to work for extra hours.

Our software has resolved this issue faced by many MNCs and startups. It saves as much as your 10 hours of the week which is consumed because of the setting and loads not working properly.

We ( your company) can give you a personalized demo. When are you free next?

  1. When you know someone’s been on your website

Not exactly the cold email or the b2b prospecting email for your potential prospect. Getting hold of the prospect by the op-in form or any signup form indicated that they might be interested in your company. But this email registration is not full proof so you send them the mail regarding the further steps.

It is taking hold of the opportunity that arrived. Send the person a personalized email by analyzing their interests if possible. 


Hi ( name),

Thanks for ( taking action) on our website( website name or link). We assume you are looking for a low cost and effective tool for the email verifier tools.

I have done some generic research on ( email verifier tool) and I can offer some advice regarding this. We offer a free demo regarding the issue.

Do have time for a call tomorrow at ( time) to discuss a solution for your company?

  1. Share a Valuable Resources

Sharing content for the best engagement is adding valuable resources and educating the prospect about it. The educational, awareness content you provide the chances of the lead considering you get high.


Hi (name),

Your latest article on ( topic) got me thinking.

I found this article on( article title) that can be of your use and your team.

Here’s the link check it out ( link).

Hope you find it useful. Keep up the work.


Templates are made according to the need. You can’t use a single template for all your b2b leads. Copy-paste of the templates available doesn’t work to build relationships with your leads. 

Templates work only if you are consistent and sending personalized emails, active on other platforms, and closely analyzing the behavior of the customer and competitors for any changes that would be required.

Try to be real, sources provider, and work.

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