5 Characteristics of Dehydrated Skin

You may be wondering what these five characteristics of dehydrated skin are and how you can repair the damage. They are very common in this type of skin and all of us have seen them at one time or another. Most of us just brush it off and live with it. This article will help you see that dehydration is not something to ignore.

Dryness of the Skin – Dry skin is extremely fragile. It will easily flake and peel, particularly if it has been exposed to the sun. The skin will look much older than it actually is and will begin to wrinkle and sag.

Loss of Firmness – Dry skin is much more fragile and prone to cracking and bleeding. It also loses its natural sheen and color. This can give you a sallow complexion that will make it difficult to get around with your self-confidence affected. Also, read more about American Crew 24 Hour Deodorant Body Wash here.

Dull appearance of the Skin – Dry skin does not regenerate its own collagen as well as the cells that make up the skin in healthy skin do. As a result, fine lines and wrinkles develop and deep wrinkles begin to show. Dry skin also develops fine lines and wrinkles that become even more pronounced as we age.

Dried out feeling – As we age, we often notice that our skin feels thinner, and it is less elastic at low levels. We also notice more fine lines and wrinkles and the skin becomes very dry looking. Dry skin is a sign that something is happening to the skin to cause it to lose its elasticity.

Dry skin is more sensitive than normal skin and is at a higher risk for developing allergy to cosmetics, fragrance, chemicals, etc. Many anti-aging creams contain chemicals that can trigger the allergies.

The combination of these symptoms combined causes dry skin to be a lot less stable. The body’s natural defenses to combat this condition become weaker as we age, and the number of people who suffer from it continues to rise. Check out Best Hair Color Corrector For Brunettes here.

You can take measures to prevent this from happening to you by getting a good moisturizer that is designed specifically for dry skin. It contains Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, tea tree oil, or vitamin B3 to increase the moisture content of the skin. This will provide you with the healthy, glowing skin that you deserve.

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