5 Best Places To Visit In Dubai

5 Best to visit in Dubai, It is a world-famous city located in the United Arab Emirates and is featured globally as the travellers’ hub. The main reason for its ever-increasing tourist attraction is the never-ending opportunities, which the city provides for fun and enjoyment.

The travel destinations meticulously centred in a single city that makes it an irresistible place for spending vacations and travelling. One can never discover the wonders of this city enough and that’s why it is continuously chosen as a tourist spot by people all over the world.

Do you plan to visit Dubai anytime soon? Are you looking for an informative guide to choose the places to visit in Dubai?

Here are some places that you must visit on your Dubai tour:

Dubai Miracle Garden:

Dubai miracle garden is the biggest garden in the world. It is a beautiful and aesthetically satisfying place to visit. Designed by renowned horticulturists, this garden is a wonder itself.

Additionally, the garden has thousands of intricately decorated floral sculptures using unique species of flowers from different regions of the world. The miracle garden rightly named so due to the wonders it has for the visitors.

Children find it especially pleasing and it is a soul-soothing experience to roam around in the air of beautiful scents of flowers.

Dubai Desert Safari:

Dubai desert safari is one of the best places to visit in Dubai. There are many events that are organised here all around the year. Buggy rides are the most favourite thing to be experienced by the youngsters.

Other bike rides are common too and sand dunes competitions are held as well. The desert safari is too big to be seen by travelling by foot or on a buggy. That’s why people can ride on hot air balloons and experience the thrilling view from the sky.

Besides it, night camps can also be set up to enjoy the starry sky of safari and have a memorable time there. Sand-boarding is also a common activity for experiencing thrilling safari vibes.

Burj Al Arab:

One of the most luxurious hotels of Dubai is Burj al Arab. Exquisite infrastructure and premium lifestyle make it the best of its kind. The resort has an admirable fountain and giant lobby. The royalty of this hotel marked by its interior features, made up of pure gold.

Dubai Aquarium and Underwater zoo:

The Dubai aquarium located downtown on the ground floor of the biggest mall called Dubai mall. It occupies a vast area and is full of thrilling marine animals.

Unique species from different parts of the world collected to make an entire underwater zoo. It is an amazing adventure for sea lovers.

The giant water tanks hold tons of liters of water and the majestic view is right before your eyes. The chance to experience a live underwater zoo and giant aquarium is surely an interesting addition to your memory lane.

Dubai Global Village:

Dedicated tourists are always eager to experience different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. The Dubai global village is the greatest project by the management of the United Arab Emirates. It provides entertainment, shopping, and adventure facilities to travellers.

Moreover, the biggest fascination of this tourist attraction is the unity of different cultures from all over the world. This festival is the best place to get all your favourite items from different countries and to explore different cultures of the world.

The cultural representation of over 90 countries combined to present the biggest tourist attraction in the world. So, if you plan to visit Dubai anytime soon, Dubai global village must be in your travel destination list.

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