5 Best Kids Math Apps for Android

In the 21st century, the level of education is increasing with each day. Scientists have tried to merge the technological advancements in the field of education and learning. Many children find difficulty in learning and improving math. That’s why many developers have developed some of the best and useful apps that will help children to understand and solve mathematical problems without difficulty.

Now kids can learn math anytime and anywhere without the help of others. It makes them self-dependent, which will help them to learn things on their own in the future. With these wonderful apps, students can develop their ways to see a problem and find solutions with their unique skills. Here are the top 5 best math apps for Android that will help your kids learn mathematics without difficulty.

Kids Math App: New Way Of Learning Math

This Math App is a perfect way to introduce basic mathematical operations to children. It will teach your kids basic mathematics and will help them to grow logical and reasoning skills. Using this excellent Math App, you can create a perfect foundational or base for lifetime learning. When we playfully taught kids, they remember it more. It makes them smart and attentive than boring teaching boards. This KidsMath App can challenge the children because it’s increasing difficulty at every level. Kids math app motivates the kid to perform better than before. It is an easily accessible Math app that helps students to learn addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division very quickly.

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Math practice has always been a struggle — but not anymore. Prodigy, a free math game that is loved by over 10 lakhs teachers, and 5 lakhs students around the world. Prodigy uses game- based learning to transform education. Prodigy offers a unique learning experience using an interactive math game where success depends on correctly answering skill-building math questions. Players can earn wonderful rewards, go on quests, and play with friends — the user can achieve all this while learning new mathematical skills. You can use Prodigy to convert playtime into education time. Premium members level up faster, spend more time answering math problems.

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Monster Math

Monster Math is a fun, educational, common core aligned app for kids to practice mental math. It includes basic addition and subtraction practice, as well as other math problems based on multiplication and division. Have your kids walk through basic arithmetic for 1st, 2nd and 3rd class mathematics. The developer has made this app to provide the maximum number, times table, and basic long division practices. Unlike flashcards or simple quiz based apps, this app provides questions to develop multiple skills at once and guide kids towards answers. Monster Math always provides new stories and a different kind of adaptive gameplay to keep the math levels at the right place for your children.

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By playing the 100+ puzzles in DragonBox Elements, kids will gain a deep understanding of the logic of geometry and arithmetic. Through entertaining exploration and discovery, kids will use shapes and their properties to recreate the mathematical questions that define the geometry. Beautiful characters and captivating puzzles motivate kids to keep learning mathematics. Since the geometry and arithmetic in the game remain hidden and disclosed, kids learn and gain confidence. Even if mathematics is a subject, they do not usually feel comfortable with it. You must give a try to this wonderful app that can be used even in Android phones to make your kid’s math masters. This is not a free app!

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Math Training For Kids

Math is an important subject which starts from little age and continues until the end of the studies. If once a student gets strong in Mathematics, it never goes in vain. But all you need is attention and the right way to learn this subject. A kid can learn mathematics by just playing with it.  Math Training app is the best brain game app for kids who want to learn mathematics. The basic math operations and tables make this app wonderful. Different math activities are available, which not only make your kid's mind sharp but induces newer ways to solve a problem. You should try this app to make your kids learn mathematics more easily and playfully.

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Final Words

Kids always fear mathematics as they see it as a subject. But when they see mathematics as a game, they will not fear it anymore. These excellent math apps can make mathematics easy and exciting for your kids. They can play with big numbers within weeks of practice on these apps. You must try today one of these apps to build a strong base of your kids in mathematics. These five apps can make the subject enjoyable, which will increase the interest of your child.

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