5 Basic Flower Arranging Rules

Arranging flower and verdure into a vase might seem easy-going work but the truth is, it required so much hard work and patience to do it. Though selling flowers is not required many skills but a mind to sell things on profit by knowing the limitations of selling everything well, decorating bouquet that people buy it in just one look required skills.

If you are florist Bahrain and have an online store also, your flower arrangement skills should be defined and untouchable. It is definitely worth mastering the skills of flower arrangements. After learning, you will be able to create attractive and presentable floral arrangements and attract more customers because of your specialty. 

There are certain basic rules of flower arranging that need to be considered by every florist. Once you understand these rules, you will be able to create breath-taking styles and floral designs to give your store a professional floral store, whether it’s online or situated in Jordan or Bahrain. 

The rules of flower arranging include: 

1. Proportion 

2. Balance 

3. Harmony 

4. Rhythm 

5. Colour & texture 


The size of the container, verdure, and even flower all must be in equal proportion to each other. For instance, a tall groundwork of long-stemmed roses would be out of ratio arrange in the pot. It not only would look heavy from the top but also it would be in peril of toppling. 

At the end of the scale, the short-stemmed rose flower must not be placed in a large urn otherwise it will display lost or exaggerated. An arrangement must be in quantity to the environs. A small bouquet appropriate for a dinner or coffee table that would be misplaced in a large reception room. Hotels and churches lobbies required large preparations in possession with their larger than normal surroundings.


When as a florist, you know, how to achieve the correct balance, the floral arrangement looks perfect. If it is not composed, it would look like you are seeing a picture hanged dishonestly. Beholder would feel uneasy and something difficult while looking at it. The height of the floral arrangement must be at least one and a half times the container’s height. 

For instance, if a container is about 25cm tall then the arrangement’s height must be 37cm. A floral arrangement could be much higher than what we have just talked about. In order to attain the correct balance, it must not be lower. 


The things like any accessory, container, colour, foliage and flowers used in a floral arrangement must all appear as they belong to each other. 


With all floral arrangement, the mind and eye must be primarily fascinated by the overall design and then move to the flower from the flower. It must follow the rhythm so that it appears more natural and not stiff. 

The head of the flower should be on modified levels. Flowers that are placed at the one level would look uninteresting and dull. You have the intention of a three-dimensional look in your designs. This intention to create three-dimension would allow the eye to travel from centre to the largest features of the flowers, through to the standard sized flowers, and then to the tiniest buds and flowers around the edges. 

Colour & Texture 

The choice of color should be opted according to the surroundings and occasion. Like for weddings, light, as well as dark-colored flowers, would be perfect. To gift someone, go for something bright and long-lasting. You can easily find flower shop Jordan online to order arrangements and bouquets. 

Certain colors complement each other whereas some are just opposite to each other, so choose wisely. Purple is the symbol of royals and is dramatic and rich. Red linked with love (generally use on valentines’ day and to gift your loved ones) and is exciting and vibrant. Gold and orange are mellow and warm. Pink is uplifting and feminine. Green and Blue are soothing and cool—works in both seasons. Yellow is the sun’s color and is cheerful and bright—people prefer to use it in summers. 

Now, when it comes to texture, understand that foliage and flowers have a different texture. You must use variant textures that go perfectly well together to create different and beautiful designs. 

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