4 Tips That Will Extend The Lifetime Of Your Solar Panels

4 Tips That Will Extend The Lifetime Of Your Solar Panels

The world is moving towards a fuel-efficient era with new technological findings and inventions. The need for moving to fuel-efficiency is due to many reasons. Reducing carbon foot-prints and cost-efficiency being the top two.

To replace conventional electricity usage, solar planes are efficient and cost-effective in the long run. However, solar panels should be kept in the best shape to acquire their best benefits. Read this article to know how to take proper care of your solar panels. Also, know about some important components like the EVA sheet and EVA sheet manufacturer in India.

Solar panels are a onetime expense, and it is extremely important to take proper care to ensure its best working. With so much already on the plate, taking adequate care of the solar panel is extremely difficult. Dirty and unkept solar panels cannot work efficiently to save power.

These tips will best help you take the ultimate care of your solar panels.

Invest in a good solar panel cleaning kit

As the solar panels are installed in direct sunlight over the roof, it gets exposed to a lot of wind that carries dust and dirt. This dirt can settle over the solar panels over time and hamper its working. Proper cleaning will prevent the dust and dirt to hamper the working of a solar panel.

Solar panels should be cleaned with special cleaning kits and not the traditional detergents and cleaners. Use biodegradable soap and a soft brush to clean the surface of the solar panel gently.

Do not rub or scrub the surface, or else it will leave scratches on the surface. Clean the surface of the solar panels with a soft rag or cloth that will gently wipe away all the grime and dirt.

Remember, cleaning the solar panel is very important to get the best results. A solar panel that is not clean will not save as much energy as it should.

Check for the damages

Solar panels are exposed to harsh weather constantly. Hence, while cleaning always check for any damages, cracks, and leakages nearby. Check for any loose wiring or missing components.

Ensure that the solar panel is bolted properly to the mounting rack. Missing bolts can pose a grave danger to your solar panels. As bolts hold the solar panel to the surface, any missing bolt can lead to breakage of a solar panel by falling.

Check for any water leakages nearby the solar panel. Water can harm the wiring of the solar panel. If found, call your servicemen instantly.

Install a monitoring system

A monitoring system shows the energy output of each solar panel individually. If you find any discrepancies in a solar panel, it is easy to detect the dead panel by checking its output. You can get this dead panel serviced immediately before it gets worse.

Install a solar panel with EVA encapsulant

Eva encapsulants or Ethylene Vinyl Acetate encapsulants protect the inner photovoltaic cells from any jerks and shocks. They act as a shock absorber for the inner photovoltaic cells. Solar panels with EVA encapsulants are effective and provide more protection to the solar panel.

Apart from physical protection, they also protect the inner cells from oxidizing by oxygen or any other gases that can directly affect the energy output.

Vishaka Group is the most eminent EVA foam sheet manufacturer in India. They manufacture the best solar panels that give the best energy output. They also provide back sheet films for solar modules.

Consider installing a good quality solar panel from a trusted source like Vishakha group to get the best energy output.

Do your bit towards the environment and install high-grade solar panels with EVA encapsulant.