4 Tips in Choosing a Recycle Bin for Your Office

When it comes to maintaining office cleanliness, using the right type of trash bin is crucial. Like residential spaces, offices also accumulate waste fast. The larger your business is, the more waste you’re likely to dispose of every day. 

Ensuring proper waste management is part of making your employees feel safe and comfortable. This starts with having a reliable trash can that’s easily accessible. How do you feel when you see garbage bins overflowing and producing an unpleasant smell? 

Whether that bin is located in the employee cubicles, at the pantry, or the lobby, you need to be sure it’s helping your office stay clean and conducive for work. With that being said, here are tips for choosing the right recycle bin for your office in Singapore

Look into capacity.

Trash bins can fill up quickly. If they’re not of the right size, chances are you’ll find them overflowing even before the day ends. Consult with your office cleaners on the appropriate size of bins so you can avoid spills. Consider as well how you want to position these bins. Do you prefer to place several, small bins on designated areas? Or do you want to invest in a few, large bins? Waste collection can be challenging once the bins get filled up and heavy. See if it’s possible to use the larger bins only on high-traffic areas.

Be sure it’s easy to use.

One of your goals is to motivate your employees to segregate trash properly. Your recycle bin should help do that. Consider using a bin with clear labels so your staff will know where to throw out their trash accordingly. If you want to avoid overflows, you can go for transparent options that let users see right away once the bin is already full. 

Choose highly-durable materials.

As with any office supplies you’re investing in, your recycling bins should also last a long time. Trash cans can be made of plastic or stainless steel. They can come open or with a lid. They can also be pedal-operated. Look into the convenience of your employees, including your cleaning staff. You might want to choose bins with covers to keep odor and insects out. At the end of the day, regardless of the trash bin design that you choose, be sure to purchase from a reputable office supplier that can vouch for the quality of their products. 

Think about maintenance.

Your office recycle bins will need to be cleaned, too. Choose low-maintenance, easy-care trash cans. For example, it should be easy to empty and sanitise them. While your office cleaners know how to handle tough stains and smells, you’ll want to help make their job easier, too. If you have heavy trash bins, you’ll need to think about moving them outside for cleaning purposes. Using fragrant bags and having trolleys on standby will help a lot. 

Ensure Proper Waste Disposal, Use Reliable Office Recycle Bins

Encourage your employees to get involved in proper waste disposal. Update your recycle bins and position them where they’re most needed. 

Don’t let your cleaning staff be the only ones most concerned about office cleanliness. Everyone should do their part in keeping the office sanitary. 

And remember, maintaining trash bins is as important as choosing high-quality ones. Find a reputable office supplies store in Singapore for all your recycling bin needs. 

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