4 Tips For Selecting the Best Finance or Loan For A Bike

Having struggled for some time with public transport and having to resort to taking taxi services, you eventually decided to invest in your first vehicle. Not only will your first two-wheeler help your commute, but it’ll also be one of the first major investments you’ll make along the way. However, you don’t have quite enough cash available at your fingertips to buy a two-wheeler by making a one time payment. Thus the safest choice for you is to get a loan to fund the dream wheel. Over the years, it has become simple and quick to get a bike financed. Obviously, it depends on the loan company you are asking for credit, and you will obtain a loan up to 85% of the price of the vehicle, or even up to 100 percent in some situations.

When you first take into account obtaining a two wheeler loan and a muthoot gold loan, a series of issues may spring to mind: will I qualify? How should I apply? Which papers do I need? To how much more can I apply? What is the rate of interest going to be? How much EMI will I have to account for? And so forth.

To help you with your first bike loan here, we have completed four tips that you must consider while making the decision. 

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Checking the Eligibility

You need to understand the eligibility criteria before you set out to take a bike loan into the marketplace. Every lender does have its own set of criteria about eligibility. To be qualified for the two wheeler finance, you must meet these conditions. Complying, with all the eligibility criteria, increases the probability of credit acceptance.

Best Interest rates

Your eligibility relies on your region, income, type of place of residence, age, job status, and credit history. You will bargain better if you have got a decent credit score. Take a transaction on your wallet that isn’t too big, and there’s no extra stress or financial strain. Banks have built growing options for you from which to choose; they strive to address the needs of each person looking for general insurance. Create a list of your needs and the approximate amount you plan to spend on this purchase. Based on the above-mentioned factors, the EMI plans narrow down that enables you to appreciate your dream ride without triggering financial strain.

Loan Percentage

Online two-wheeler loan guarantees up to 95% of your bike or scooter ‘s expense is financed. You must pay an additional amount from your own pocket at the time of purchase. Your loan term, number, and other information will be provided to you in advance. Each bank shall have a range of min and max loan amount. Some lenders have financing for just 80 percent of the bike’s value engineering. There are a number of banks & NBFCs offering up to 100 percent financing for your bike, and no down payment is needed. If you wish to cover other expenditures such as shoes, clothing, etc., you can take a loan for a greater sum than on-road price.

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Loan process 

You need to test the loan waiting time while you are searching for lenders that offer two-wheeler loans. Loan-processing time has shrunk through periods of technical advances. Many banks provide a 2 wheeler finance in minutes to purchase a two-wheeler. This is possible due to the online phase of the banking app and. You may ask for a mortgage online immediately, and you will get approval on the spot if all the documents areas needed. When the approval is issued, the money is automatically disbursed into your account.

Extra Tip


Last but certainly not least, insurance is also a must-buy. You will purchase it not only because it is essential, but it also provides financial protection. A two-wheeler insurance policy comes in useful here! Two-wheeler insurance can also be bought online. What you have to do is compare online two-wheeler insurance plans, and then select the one that best fits your needs. Choosing a decent insurance plan for motorcycles is also part of the contract. You can purchase the policy for inexpensive two-wheeler insurance online from different insurance providers. Whenever you want to buy a policy for your current bike, you can also have two-wheeler policy replacement completed online from their company website.

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