4 Reasons Why You Need Infant Care Centres

It’s hard to leave your little one under someone else’s care. But if it’s the only choice that you have, the most that you can do is to make sure you’re going to the right people. Infant care centres in Singapore are dedicated to caring for children ages 2 to 18 months. Whether you’re yet to deliver your child or are returning to work soon, here are some reasons why you might need them.

  1. Trained and fully-experienced staff. As a parent, it’s understandable to be extra meticulous about your child’s welfare and wellbeing. It’s tough to find someone who will look after your little one as you’re worried if they’re fully-capable. A reputable infant care centre has fully-experienced staff who knows very well how to handle infants. You can even request information on the professional background of the teachers or caregivers. Chances are you’ll find that the centre’s hiring process is as or even more stringent as what you would have if you were to hire a private babysitter. 
  1. Well-rounded programs. A child care centre in Singapore does more than looking after babies while their parents are at work. They also offer curriculum programs to help with the development of the little ones. This is a crucial time for young children to learn and discover more about their surroundings. It’s important to give them as much exposure and guidance as possible. Typical nannies or babysitters might not be able to offer these age-appropriate learning opportunities for your little one.
  1. Safe and secure environment. If you’re leaving your child at home with a nanny or at another house, you’ll be concerned about what they’re doing or where they’re staying. You’ll have to constantly check whether everything is baby-proofed and if objects are suitable for baby’s use. At infant care centres in Singapore, you can be confident that accessories, toys, gears, and tools are all suited for infants. You can also keep peace of mind knowing that the facility is clean and properly sanitized. 
  1. Flexible fees. Another reason to consider child care centres is the subsidy that the government is offering for Singaporeans enrolled in licensed facilities. Working mothers or single fathers get to receive a subsidy, which then reduces the fees you need to shoulder. The cost of enrolling in a child care centre in Prinsep, or any other location, varies. To find out which option works best with your budget, be sure to consider other factors such as transportation. If you’re from the Sembawang area, for instance, then it helps to find childcare located in Sembawang too. 

Not everyone can leave their infant to their relatives. Who you’ll be choosing to look after your child will go down to trust. You want someone who you know will devote their full attention to your little one and will treat them as their own. 

An infant care centre has personnel that goes out of their way to ensure that young children under their care are treasured. You can go through the day with ease knowing that your precious one is in safe hands. 

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