4 Reasons to Consider BigCommerce SEO Services

BigCommerce is one of the leading eCommerce platforms as of right now, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your online store will succeed. In fact, you may need to invest a lot more time than you think in order to see the kind of results you want.

To really start bringing in more traffic and making sales, you’re likely going to need professional BigCommerce SEO services. If you’re not already aware, SEO, or search engine optimization, is what helps to determine your rank in the search engines, especially Google. If you don’t pay attention to this area, you aren’t going to be able to compete because you won’t be getting enough traffic.

Here are just a few of the key reasons why you want to consider a BigCommerce SEO plan for your eCommerce business.

1. More Organic Traffic to Your Store
The first and most obvious benefit to investing in SEO is that you will get more organic traffic. Right now, traffic is the heart of any online business. Without an ample flow of traffic coming into your store, you’re unlikely to be able to make enough money to remain sustainable. Either that, or you will simply be stagnant, not really failing or succeeding in your endeavors.

Increased traffic is what moves the needle and helps your business grow. Finding ways to increase your traffic is essential if you are running a store on BigCommerce, and while the platform does give you a solid starting point for bringing in business, SEO is going to be the deciding factor here unless you run an aggressive advertising campaign.

2. Improved Branding For Your eCommerce Business
Another important benefit to BigCommerce SEO is that you will strengthen your brand image. Websites that rank high in Google exude authority. Your users will begin to associate your logo and brand with their search queries, and your website will eventually become a name in your industry. While there are certainly many aspects to branding, this is one organic branding method that actually helps to solidify what you stand for and get your name out there most efficiently.

3. Eyes on Your Products
With this better branding and increased traffic comes more eyes on your products in general. This is important because it helps with word of mouth and the general success of your business. The more people that land on your website and see your products, the more chances that your products will be shared around the Internet, talked about, retweeted, tagged, or anything else. Just like any brick and mortar business, the more eyes on your merchandise, the better.

4. Strong Foundation to Weather the Market
The final benefit that is worth mentioning here is that SEO provides a powerful foundation for your business that will allow you to weather the ups and downs of the market. No matter what comes your way, if you rank high in the search engines, you will always have that reliable stream of traffic to fall back on. So if for whatever reason you are in a slump with certain products or aren’t seeing much foot traffic to your brick and mortar location, strong SEO can make up for it by allowing you to harness the power of the traffic that you are bringing in.

If you are on BigCommerce and want to increase the visibility of your business through SEO, you need a team like Genius eCommerce® to help you put a winning strategy together. They are an eCommerce SEO agency that knows the BigCommerce platform and can help you get where you want to be. Contact them today for more details on how they can make your business rise to the top of your niche. 

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