4 Important Functions of Custom printed gable boxes

Gable boxes, perfect for packing small pack cookies, candies, and any other small gift items. They are made of sturdy food-grade Kraft paper stock, won’t be out of shape easily when folded or when you packed your products inside them. Make sure that the material used in manufacturing gable boxes withstand transport damage better, limiting the amount of money you lose on returns and replacing products.

For what purpose these boxes can be used for?

Custom printed gable boxes are used for different occasions. They can be for business or personal use. When used for business, they are used to market a product, cookies, and handmade products to lure customers. The other main use of these small Kraft gable boxes is to wrap favor gifts. You can send gifts to your loved ones using this Kraft paper gable box. You can be a little creative by designing them with ribbons and stickers.

What Time Can You Use These Boxes?

These Kraft gable boxes are multi-purpose hence they are efficient. They can be used when carrying food during picnics. In addition to that, you can use them as treat boxes. It can be a business event, birthday party, wedding party, during Christmas and as party favor boxes.

What are the Benefits of using Gable Boxes?

  • First of all, these Kraft paper boxes are eco-friendly. After use, you can easily dispose of them without damaging the environment. 
  • Secondly, the Kraft gable favor boxes can customize or designed in the ultimate possible way. You can print these boxes with business logo to convey your brand message to the targeted customers.​
  • Kraft paper gable box is designed with a top handle that make it easy to carry it and convenient to bring food to your customers and friends as a gift.
  • Gable gift boxes can be easily decorated without any sticker and ribbon. You can buy ribbon and sticker labels to make your packaging more attractive to your customers, or more beautiful as a festival gift.
  • As this Kraft gable top box is made of food-grade kraft paperboard, so it can be used as bakery boxes packaging to pack baking food like cake, food safe to contact directly.

Why Choose Kraft Gable Boxes Wholesale?

To begin with, you can buy them in bulk to get value for money. As I’ve mentioned that these Kraft gable boxes are unique in design and color, so you can consider them as an incredible gift box. They come in a variety of sizes. Thus, you can be able to put the items all at once. The boxes are long-lasting and can be used for storage of different items.

The packaging industry invests in research and development to design products that are more durable, lightweight, secure, and environmentally friendly. Not to mention, your brand reputation benefits from environment-friendly Custom gable boxes, keeps you ahead of the competition and impact your business in a positive way. ​These boxes give you perfectly packaged and secured products. So you get to present a better-looking product to your customers, and reduce the likelihood of damage.

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