4 Home workout tips during pandemic

The pandemic has turned the world upside down. But now, more than ever, it’s crucial to maintain a healthy mind and body. Even if your area is still in a stay-at-home order, try your best to get moving. It’s better to take a few minutes off your day to exercise than do nothing at all. 

If you own second-hand gym equipment at home, don’t let it collect dust. This is the perfect opportunity to make the most of it! If you don’t have gears or extra space at home, you can still avoid being stuck to a sedentary lifestyle. 

Consider these home workout tips during the pandemic.

  1. Squeeze in movement whenever you can. Think of exercising as a habit, instead of a chore. Try to incorporate it into your daily activities. Insert quick breaks between working to climb up and down the stairs or get yourself something to drink. When taking phone calls, avoid lying down. Walk around the house instead. While waiting for your zoom meetings, stretch out your arms and legs. The little movements that you do will add up for the entire day and can help you recharge as you get back to work again. 
  1. Get everyone involved. Make home workout a social activity! Invite everyone to join you, even the kids. If anything, the little ones are always bursting with energy. Playing with them can help you get your body moving. You can also seek their assistance for your workout. Children can be great workout buddies! Dance together to the tune of their favorite song. Let them join you as you participate in virtual home workout sessions. Exercising can serve as a great bonding opportunity!
  1. Use technology to your advantage. Check out free training lessons online. Contact your friends or relatives if they’d like to work out with you virtually. If it helps, you can also post your activities so your loved ones can follow through them and gather inspiration as well. Use fitness tracker apps so you can monitor the progress you’re making. Create a list of the types of exercises you enjoy doing. If you’ve been looking into used gym equipment for sale online, ask the supplier which ones they’d recommend, depending on your favorite workout activities. 
  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself. You know how valuable it is to stay healthy and you’re taking steps to minimize your sedentary routine. That, itself, is already an achievement. Don’t compare your progress with others. Focus on your personal fitness goals. Stay motivated by keeping a list of your goals visible. For example, use sticky notes or a whiteboard to write down your workout regimen. If you’re able to stick to your to-do list, give yourself small rewards. In days you aren’t able to, don’t beat yourself up.

Before you start setting up your own gym and buying second-hand gym equipment, get moving first. Start working out at home and encourage your loved ones to do the same. Exercising can make you happier and you can rub off that positive energy to your work colleagues and family. 

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