4 Essential Features of Streaming Platform You Can Get On Plex Seedbox

The trend of streaming platforms has been taking over the world at the moment. With convenient features and more importantly a heap of entertainment value that it offers, streaming platforms touch the heart of millions of viewers.

But with so many streaming platforms emerging with the passing years it has become an exhausting loop to follow all of them. Here’s where you can take advantage of your seedbox that offers the streaming service through Plex.

These seedboxes have the capacity of replacing your regular streaming platforms as it has features of some giant streaming media platforms in the market today. So without further discussion let’s start with the list of 4 essential features that are similar to the streaming platforms.

1.       Compatible with multiple platforms

The Plex seedbox is compatible with more than one platform. Just like your basic streaming service, this streaming server can be used on more than one platform.

For instance, you can easily access Plex from Android, Linux, Chromecast, Windows and many other well-known platforms. So why not take advantage out of it instead of getting in the tedious loop of subscribing different streaming services.

2.       Adjustable video quality

Netflix, Prime Videos or any other major streaming service gives you the power to choose your video quality for video streaming. This gives the users the ability to stream media no matter what is the status of your network connectivity.

Similarly, with Plex you can get this adjustable video quality feature. It gives the users the flexibility to switch their video streaming quality as per their network status.

3.       Automatic metadata update

Another great feature that you see in leading streaming platforms is that all video contents have up-to-date metadata. This gives the users the information about the content before even streaming them.

The Plex seedbox does not disappoint the users. In fact, Plex uses the advanced technology that automatically updates the metadata of the downloaded video content.

 Not jut that, it even updates the metadata of the audio files as well.

4.       Streaming content right from where you left

Whether it is Netflix or on Hulu, users can stream their videos right from where they left it out previously. This makes the whole streaming experience more convenient and easy.

With the Plex seedbox you will achieve the same streaming feature. All you got to do is go on the On Desk section of Plex and you’ll be able to watch your video files directly from the point where you left it previously. Therefore, giving the viewers the ultimate experience of a streaming service.

So what are you waiting for? Stream unlimited media content without being in the hassle of endless monthly subscriptions. With Plex seedboxyou’ll achieve the exact streaming service experience.

You’ll never miss your Netflix account once you get these seedboxes for yourself.

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