3 Ways to Find An SEO Partner You Can Trust

Finding a marketing partner for your business can be tough. In fact, a 2020 study found that 37% of business owners and marketing managers were reluctant to hire a search engine optimization partner for their business because they felt overwhelmed by the choice and the number of options in the market. If you are a small to medium business owner that is looking to take the next step in their digital marketing efforts in 2021, you are not alone. Finding a suitable Sydney SEO company that you can work with for your campaign can seem like a minefield. To make the process more straightforward, we have compiled a checklist of three essential elements that you need to look out for when hiring an external SEO provider for your business in 2021.

Are They A Specialist SEO Company?

There are literally hundreds of different SEO companies in Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom. For businesses in these areas, the choice can seem completely overwhelming. So, to make the process easier, we suggest that you hire a digital marketing company or professional that specialises solely on search engine optimisation.

There are no shortage of companies on the market, it makes sense that you should be working with an SEO provider that focusses their efforts organic search only. The complexities of SEO means that it is very difficult to master without focussing 100% of your time and efforts on the craft.

Do They Do Link Building In-House?

Effective link building will be the determining factor that decides whether your SEO efforts are successful or whether they were in vain. As of 2021, link building accounts for roughly 35% of how a website appears in organic search. Ask the SEO company how they do about link building and what their strategy for acquiring links is. The agency should be happy and open about explaining their process. Red flag should be raised if they refuse to disclose their “secrets” for acquiring links.

Do They Have Any Clients in Your Nice?

SEO is hard enough without your SEO provider working with one of your competitors. The best SEO providers will have a hard and fast rule that they only work with one client from one industry at the same time. Agencies that are working with multiple clients from the same industry at the same time may be jeopardising your chances of being #1 in your industry. Think about It like this, you wouldn’t want your Football coach to be coaching the opposition as well – there is an obvious conflict of interest.

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