3 Simple Tricks to Boost Your BigCommerce SEO

As far as digital marketing is concerned, nothing else is getting the kind of ROI that properly implemented search engine optimization is getting. With a steady stream of organic traffic coming into your online store, chances are you are going to make some money.

Getting to this point however can be a challenge. In order to get a lot of traffic coming in from Google, you have to rank on page one for several important keywords. Even if you are on a well-designed platform like BigCommerce, page one rankings are never guaranteed and can be downright difficult to achieve. This is why you may need to invest time and money into your BigCommerce SEO in order to see the right kind of results.

Here are 3 easy to implement SEO tips that will help give your store a nudge in the right direction.

Pay Attention to Your Meta Titles
The first aspect of your BigCommerce SEO that you want to pay more attention to is your meta titles. It’s easy to overlook the importance of these, otherwise known as your “page titles,” but Google does place a decent amount of importance on them. They are the “title” that appears in the Google search results, so Google wants these to properly explain, as concisely as possible, the content of the page.

Ideally, these should contain keywords or keyword combinations, but not be spammy. Avoid filler words, long phrases, or basic unoptimized titles that lack keywords or product titles.

Include Social Proof Whenever Possible
Your website should look and feel authoritative. Not only for the benefit of the users who need to put trust in your brand, but also the benefit of the search engines that now take social proof into consideration when ranking websites. If you have Google reviews. Facebook reviews, customer shout outs, endorsements, collaborators, or anything else, you want to prominently display these kinds of things all over your website. Don’t be spammy, but include enough indicators that make it obvious that people actually know who you are and recognize you as a reputable brand.

Great product reviews are worth their weight in gold these days, because user buying habits and behvaior depend heavily on them. Work to cultivate great reviews and then feature them on your product pages and even on your homepage where applicable. This will make it obvious that you are a trusted brand, which is a “green light” for new shoppers that signal it is okay to make purchases with you.

Add Content to Your Product Pages
Speaking of product pages, another way to improve your BigCommerce SEO is to add plenty of information to these all-too-important areas of your website. Don’t ever settle for one sentence product descriptions and weak product photography. Each of your product pages should look and feel professional and provide plenty of value to your customers. A product page shouldn’t leave your users or Google wondering as to the nature of the product, what it’s specifications are, or how to use it.

While these 3 tips are enough to get you started, if you really want to get traction in the SERPs, you may need the help of an eCommerce SEO agency that really knows BigCommerce inside and out. SEO can be a complex matter, and often requires a great deal of research and a lengthy, well-managed campaign in order to see any real results.

Genius eCommerce® is an eCommerce-centric SEO agency that works closely with BigCommerce stores to develop powerful strategies that put them on the map. Contact them today and they will help you build a campaign that will push your store where you want it be and more.

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