3 Important Things to Consider When Buying a New Mini Cooper

People who love cars, understand the impact high performance can have on a car. Among many popular ones, the Mini Cooper car is a beast in a small chassis. But with great performance comes the responsibility to take care of the car as well.

In this article, we will go through three important things that will make you a responsible owner of Mini cooper. This guide should help new buyers as well.

Mini Cooper Car

How to Find the Right Car?

  • Research

Open your browser and visit websites that review different cars. If you check car reviews on local websites, you’ll get to know the features and performance of the vehicle you are going for.

  • Local Dealer

The most important part of shopping for a car from a dealer is finding the quality experience you desire from a car that you’d like to own.

  • Budget

Confirm from multiple places, compare prices of a model you might like in different shops, it should become easy for you to choose.

  • Fuel

The key here is to search for a car that’s economy friendly, such as a hybrid car. Choose diesel if you are trying to save some money.

  • Test Drive

Just go to your nearest car dealership to arrange a test drive of the car. This can be set up for the same day or another day you wish to take one.

Mini Cooper Feature Worth Noting

  • Airbags

Each MINI Countryman ALL4 comes with two front, two side-impact, two ceiling-mounted side-curtain, and driver and front passenger joint airbags.

  • EBS

This system is capable of reading driving behavior and conditions, automatically adjusting brake force and engine output in series to keep the vehicle stable on the road.

  • Rigid Body

Acquired from durable steel with austenite and nanoparticles, the support of this MINI vehicle covers passengers in an encased shell to protect against injury.

  • Driver Support

The MINI Countryman ALL4 has the characteristics to react and protect you in case of a collision, but it’s also packed with a range of driver support features that help prevent the necessity of their use, such as:

  • Rear-view Camera & Sensors

The MINI Countryman ALL4 provides you with a full range of visibility thanks to a rear-view camera arrangement that engages when you put the vehicle in reverse and parking sensors that send a clear warning when there’s an object behind the vehicle.

  • Cruise Control

This feature automatically brakes and accelerates on the highway to support a secure distance between your vehicle and others on the road.

How to Manage Mini Cooper Maintenance?

  • Engine Oil

Engine oil allows the right type of lubrication that protects all the components in your car.

  • Fuel

The Mini Cooper is designed to be driven with the help of top tier high octane fuel. For a Mini Cooper, 91 octane is the minimum requirement.

  • Transmission

It is recommended that you change the transmission fuel when your mini has driven 30,000 miles.

  • Brakes

There are sensors that are mounted on your Mini Coopers brakes, that serve the purpose of letting you know when these need replacements.

  • Air Intake

If you replace your air filter every once in a year and clean out the carbon deposits, it becomes easy for air to flow properly. This is necessary for cooling the engine.


Though the Mini Cooper might look like a small car, it packs a lot of power under the hood and should be enough for every performance car enthusiast. Make sure you research other things like Mini cooper price and model before you head to the showroom for the purchase.

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