3 Budget-Friendly Vacation Activities in Mount Laurel

3 Budget-Friendly Vacation Activities in Mount Laurel

Vacationing on a budget has its challenges. You need to make sure each dollar you spend returns value because you can’t spend any way you wish. But if you take the time to find deals and pay attention to discounts, you’ll find that you can get into locations that would otherwise be off-limits due to your budget. It’s an ideal way to make the most out of your vacation and not feel like you missed out. Following are three activities you can do in Mount Laurel that are friendly to your budget.

Paws Discovery Farm

Come to Paws Discovery Farm to meet animals of all kinds and at different stages of life. This farm may look like it’s geared towards kids, but there’s nothing wrong with being an adult and wanting to get up close and personal with animals. For an admission price of $10, you can do things like hike along the nature trail, check out the gardens, and learn more about the animals that live there. The farm is also a historical site as it was once the Darnell Family Farmstead which dates back to 1782. The Darnell House still stands, and there are other farm buildings that date to different time periods as the farm progressed over the years. 

The Funplex

This indoor amusement park brings the boardwalk inland and inside. What makes this a budget-friendly activity is the fact it’s free to park and there’s no admission charge. You walk in, get a Fun Card, and load it up with the amount you have to spend, then pay for whatever you want to do on an as-you-go basis. It’s like going to an indoor carnival where you get a ticket for each ride. You may want to sign up to get emails on the latest specials to help you get more out of your money. Make sure to find a nearby hotel that has the amenities you need so you can relax after a long day at the Funplex.

Elite Climbing

Elite Climbing is an indoor rock climbing gym that welcomes climbers of all experience levels. The gym features over 100 routes on different types of walls that challenge your skills and get you to think about what you’re doing while you’re drawing yourself to the top of the wall. A day pass is $15, and you can rent equipment for a few dollars more, or you can bring your own equipment if you’ve got rock climbing experience. 

If you’re going to be in the area for a while, you should consider getting a package deal that offers a class, unlimited climbing, and a free membership for two weeks. You can keep enjoying the facility without spending a lot of money.

Vacationing on a budget doesn’t mean having a boring trip. Visit offbeat attractions, find coupon deals, and sign up for email alerts from places you want to visit to catch a deal. You’ll get more for your money and enjoy yourself while you’re in Mount Laurel.