25 Unique Things That Make You a True Melburnian

What makes a true Melburnian? Whether you have moved here or you lived all of your life in this beautiful Australian city, I’m sure that you’ve loved and treasured your moments here that you chose to become a permanent resident. So, whatever your circumstance is, these are some of the things you do that qualifies you to become a true Melburnian: 

1. You always wear all black all the time, even if it’s 40-degrees outside. I guess you’re already immune to the weather? 

2. It’s more difficult to decide which cafe to go to take your brunch than you do to purchase a house. 

3. When looking for a bar entrance you search for a plain brick wall. 

4. You’ve experienced jumping on a reverse-loop train just to catch the express train you missed by cutting it off af the Parliament station. 

5. You’ve gone a long way just to avoid walking down Swanston Street during peak hour. 

6. When you attend a gig at the Forum but always spend half of the night staring at the faux ceiling filled with stars. 

7. Your opinions are very strong when it comes to coffee shops. 

8. You will surely have an argument with someone who tells you that Melbourne coffee is not the best coffee in the world. 

9. You’ve already seen the wandering Carrot Man plenty of times that you don’t even are about it anymore when he’s there. 

10. When you are in the city, you always think about Jackie Chan and wonder what happened to him. 

11. You consider the primary function of a rooftop to be space for a bar or cinema.

12. You hate it when a person asks you if you know that certain place. Of course, you know it! If you are a tourist taking a flight to Melbourne, take note of this when you visit the city. 

13. When someone asks you ‘what’s your favourite restaurant?’, you can’t give an exact answer. We totally understand, there are so many choices out there. 

14. You will not think twice waiting in line at Collingwood Townhall for 4 hours at the Flour Market for doughnuts even if you can get some at a cafe on Brunswick and Gertrude Streets. 

15. It’s not a problem whether you’ll be having a $500 Dinner by Heston or $60 on brunch. However, you’ll be out of your mind if a standard coffee is more than $3.80 in the city centre. 

16. You are fully aware that it’s quicker to walk to the MCG than to use your car on game days. 

17. When you are on your tram ride you can’t stop dreaming of that start-up you’ve been wanting, so you can spend most of your days working from cafes and cycling to meetings. 

18. You have purchased more than three of the blue Melbourne bike helmets but forget where you placed them. 

19. When someone argues with you that Sydney is better than Melbourne, you always use the Hoddle Grid to win the argument. 

20. You’re always used to waiting for someone under the clocks.

21. You constantly get yourself in heated talks about the architecture of Fed Square. 

22. You don’t mind about the Art Centre spire being a total rip off of the Eiffel Tower but you’ve found the ideal position to catch Melbhenge, and then never been more disappointed by your miscalculated angle. 

23. You don’t like to call yourself a ‘foodie’, but you’ve tasted all the dishes that are so Melbournian that it hurts. Whoops! 

24. You surely found your favourite pub because of your favourite spot that you’ve worked into your weekly routine. 

25. You’ve tried using your Myki card to pay for something. 

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