2020 Printable Monthly Calendar | Know About The Types, Creation Methods And Ways To Use Them

A calendar template comprises 12 tables, all of which signify a particular month, starting from January to the year December. A calendar, no matter either it is printed or digital, is priceless when you want to organize a meeting, plan an event, prepare for a holiday, etc. It symbolizes days of the week, the days of each month, names of the months, and, sometimes, individual cardinal numbers concerning the weeks.

These days, particular designs of the printable yearly calendar are gradually sinking into oblivion in 2020 because more and more characters are choosing digital templates for calendars on their phones.

The causes why you still need a unique photo calendar template are many. You can use it as a gift or business promotion tool or an interior design element.

This piece of writing throws light onhow to creatively design your calendar template and make the most out of it. Before directing on how to create a proper calendar of your own, take a peek at the various kinds of the perpetual calendar.


The standard poster dimensions incorporate 11 x 17, 18 x 24, and 20 x 28 cm. Remember that the poster sets the graphics initially, indicate the most significant part concerning your advertisement page that is likely to be filled by a photo (picture). Furthermore, the 2020 calendar printable pdf itself will remain placed below it.

Wall calendar

It is needless to mention that a wall calendar signifies an indispensable part when it comes to any office. A large wall calendar quickly attracts the concentration of your guests and highlight your corporate status. This calendar template is perfect for advertising your business because it possesses enough scope for illustrating your services and products, prestigious corporate events, special offers, etc.

Pocket calendar

Because of its tiny size, you can carry a pocket 2020 calendar printable pdfwith you anywhere you need. It’s satisfying to have your small personal assistant perpetually handy! Either of the one-fold and two-fold templates is available.

Desk calendar

A planner or a desk calendar remains a fabulous way to get on-the-spot access to all your orders and adhere to your plan. You can get your 2020 calendar printable pdf and pick between a weekly, daily, or monthly design.

However, tocreate table calendar for your business with best waterproof papersis no rocket science. Indeed, you cannot think of a particular thing that may lead to difficulty for you! A desk calendar signifies a framework where every row matches to a particular week, and every column is for a particular day.

To make everything easier for you, here are the most beneficial methods for creating a neat 2020 calendar printable pdfvia online services like mobile apps.

Top 5 IOS/Android apps to create a calendar template

For all of us, a smartphone happens to be an indispensable tool. We use it for various purposes, both work-related and leisure purposes. As all calendar-making services do not come with a suitable online version, here are the top 5 iOS and Android applications to help you create a smart calendar within a matter of minutes. Moreover, they are easily printable, and you can also print them in waterproof paper.

1. Pixum Photo Calendar

Pixum Photo Calendar happens to be a smart online solution when it comes to creating templates for calendaron your smartphone or tab.

How to creatively design your calendar templatein this app?Start by uploading a picture from your smartphone, choose the typography and shades, fix the years, months and dates, and save your design. Simple, right? Pixum Photo Calendar is free for iOS devices, but a minimum charge would be needed for Android systems.

2. Optimal Print

Use your pictures to craft a printable yearly calendarwithin 5 minutes! By downloading Optimal Print, it is easy to upload graphics from your smartphone plus social media (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest). Optimal Print is only free for Android systems, and iOS users may need a certain amount of registration fee.

3. PhotoCal

You can add up to 4 pictures to your customized calendar with this smart app. Forty-five templates include a mixture of themes at your disposal. Choose the one that suits your artistic perception to create your calendar template. Free for iOS, Android users will need to pay a fee to use the app.

4. Pically

This application is virtually indistinguishable to the Pically online service either in terms of functionality and interface. You require to add a picture and modify your design to get your 2020 calendar printable pdf. The best part of this application is the integration with AirPrint Device: you can print your newly designed calendar in only a single click! It is what you refer to as genuine customer service.

Price: Free for Android users.

5. Photo Calendar Maker

Photo Calendar Maker is another spontaneous application for creating templates formonthly calendars. Upload your image or any additional graphics and get your calendar printed on waterproof paperwithin minutes. Unluckily, yearly calendars in this app are not accessible. Neither there are modifying tools. But, utilizing this tool may cost you nothing!

Price: Free for Android users.

Eight ways to expand your perspective about using a printed calendar | Places to use them

There are several ways of utilizing aprintable yearly calendar that you might not know—looking for some hints? Check out the points to know how to apply your lovely design at your home or office creatively!

  • Birthdays, graduation date, anniversaries: Who has not(at least once in a lifetime!) skipped a special day in our loved one’s lives? While you cannot depend on your phone all the time in 100% of situations, a perpetual calendaris, nevertheless, handy, mainly if it’s swinging on your wall or resting upon your office table.
  • Diet: If you are attempting to adopt wholesome eating practices, a printable yearly calendar can keep you disciplined and recall you to continue following your aims.
  • Branded design: If you are a business proprietor, a branded calendar templatecan be a fabulous corporate gift concerning your agents, clients, and associates. It’s a productive one-time purchase that can strive towards improving your business credit during the year. Additionally, other than the picture, make sure to add your business logo. If you do not have one, it is never too late to make one for beginning to form a brand’s “face”, and online apps can take care of this issue.
  • Weekends and vacations: Seeking a weekend trip and holiday dates marked on your 2020 calendar printable pdf will increase your impulse and make it more accessible to plow during hectic working periods.
  • Decoration component: If you are not an enthusiast of pictures, why not choose a yearly printable calendar to enhance your house or office? It will evoke you of pleasant memories in your life, boosting your senses and making you smile.
  • Recipes: How about giving every month of your year to a delicious photo recipe? Sounds great? Why not try it now!
  • Comments: You can apply your calendar templatefor adding witty comments, drawing humorous emojis, or scribbling down meaningful quotes. After a hectic working day, it is always beneficial to giggle or return to some fundamental things of life!
  • Relaxation: Rather than pictures, why not load your calendar with colorful illustrations? It’s an excellent way to alleviate stress and liberate your inner designer.

Initially, it might seem that a printable yearly calendar signifies an old thing that is being substituted by advanced technologies. Well, we all know this is the truth.

But, a simplecalendar templatecan make your life both more systematic and exciting! In this piece of writing, we have outlined the best you need to know about printed calendars. Other than that, we’ve also hand-picked a few apps to create a design you love. Check them out and start creating your customized calendar version.

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