2 Easy Ways to Convert MOV to MP4

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Depending on preference, people use different file formats to suit their specific needs. For example, you might need a format to use on your Android or iOS device. You will realize that some particular file formats are specific to certain operating systems. This creates the need for the conversion of files to other formats to suit their use or application.

Why do we need to convert MOV to MP4?

MOV is a renowned video format that was specifically designed for Mac. Though it is usable on various gadgets, you cannot play videos in this format if you are using non-Apple devices. This raises the need for conversion of files in this format to MP4 to play on Android, Windows, or and devices with other operating systems. Wondershare UniConverter is the most reliable software you can use whenever you want to convert MOV to MP4 on Windows and Mac PC.

It is Very Easy if You Know the Right Way.

Unlike many traditional video converters, it’s very easy to use the UniConverter. All you need is to understand the simple steps to use. Below are the steps you need to understand on how to use this software. There are two known ways of using the UniConverter to convert your videos. You can either install the software on your PC or use it online.

Use of Wondershare UniConverter Desktop Convertor.

When you want to convert videos to MP4 format, you can opt to install the Wondershare UniConverter on your PC. After this, you can follow the steps below to convert your video successfully:

  1. Open Wondershare’s UniConverter on your computer. Ensure you select the “Video Converter” category before clicking on the Add Files button to import the specific video files you want to convert.
  2. After selecting the video(s), proceed to open the output format menu. Clicking on the Video tab allows you to pick your preferred output format. For this case, select MP4. You can customize your desired output resolution.
  3. Turn on the High Speed Conversion button on the top-right corner of the UniConverter window. After this, select or create a destination folder from the File Location menu. Click the Convert button to get your videos in the MP4 format. If you have selected several videos, click on Start All to convert the videos.
  4. Tap the Finished button followed by the Open button to the right of the converted videos’ list.

You may choose to share the videos to different video platforms directly from the platform. Clicking on the Share button allows you to share the converted videos to either Vimeo or YouTube.

Wondershare Online Video Converter.

This is the second way to convert MOV video files to MP4. Of course, Wondershare couldn’t leave out online lovers without a solution. If you love doing your things online, follow the steps below to convert your videos from MOV to MP4 format:

  1. Start by clicking this link to access the online video conversion platform.
  2. Upload the MOV videos to be converted to MP4. Ensure to customize the output format you want to achieve before you start the conversion.
  3. Click the CONVERT button to get the MP4 output files. You may opt to be notified when the conversion is complete, but this calls for creating a Wondershare account.
  4. Finally, you need to save the converted files by clicking the download button. You are free to save them in your preferred folder to suit your use.

Why Use Wondershare UniConverter Software?

No one would invest in software or any other item unless it’s better than the available options. It must be outstanding and affordable to solve specific needs.

Though there are thousands of software available for download while others are available online, none of them works better on videos than UniConverter. Though it may sound new to some of us, people have used it for more than ten years, and most of its users are satisfied.

To begin with, this software is reliable, fast, and easy to use. It will hardly let you down during the video conversion process. Again, it only gives the output according to your custom preferences.

If you fear complex processes, this is the video conversion tool to use. The video conversion process is generally self-explanatory. Anyone with some little computer skills will comfortably use UniConverter and get the preferred video output.

Extra Features.

Other than video conversion, the Wondershare UniConverter has more useful features. It’s on this same tool that you can download your favorite online videos. If you are a video editor, you will conveniently edit the videos you have; not forgetting the video compressing feature to help you run out of space. Moreover, you can record live videos using UniConverter. Downloading this software on your PC means that you will forego several other software because UniConverter does it all. Try it today!


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