12 phrases to start a conversation

Here’s one of the biggest problems with networking: How am I going to just walk up to someone at an event and speak up? However, starting a conversation is much easier than it sounds. The fact is that no one will reject you if you come up with a smile and say: “I am…, nice to meet you”. It will immediately become easier for others because they did not have to start a conversation!

Simple and effective ways to start a chat

Things will certainly go even better if you have a few proven ways to break the ice in stock. So, we have some suggestions for you to start a conversation in any event. Some of them are from our personal experience, some – from the stories of expert friends. Nevertheless, the main thing is that all phrases have been tested in real life and they work!


When in doubt about how to start a conversation, go to the basics: ask what the person is doing, why they came to this meeting, or just reach out and say hello.

  1. “Hi, I don’t know many people here, so I would like to introduce myself. I am (name) and I work for (company)”.

Well, that is all!

  • “What are you doing?”

Now the interlocutor can tell about himself or herself first, and you can think about how to lead the conversation further or how you could cooperate.

  • “What brings you here today?”
  • “How was your day?”

This is the key to any situation, and it will never let you down. It is simple and always effective, especially if you smile broadly.

All about the place

With anyone in the room, you have at least something in common. At least the event you both attended, the place where it is held, food and drinks. Take advantage of these resources and strike up a conversation about your surroundings.

5. If there is food at an event, you can use it to start a conversation, for example: “I can’t wait to try these cute cupcakes. Have you tried one of them yet?”

6. “How did you hear about this event?”

7. “It’s so hot in here!” It doesn’t matter if this is so, the interlocutor will either agree or object this statement. Afterward, you will find yourself talking about the weather, about the climate in general, and then about business.

8. “What a wonderful place. Have you been here before?”


Another thing that unites you is news because everyone knows at least anything bout what is going on in the world. If something happened in the city or the world, you can mention it in a daily conversation. Of course, you should not start a heated political discussion, but mentioning something simpler can help you quickly strike up a conversation.

9. “What do you think of coronavirus?”

10. “I can’t believe all the headlines this week. It is madness, isn’t it? “

11. “How did you get here? Was it difficult to get here?”

The way to travel from point to another point is a burning topic, especially while traveling. People are highly likely to tell you their stories and share the experience with you.

12. “Did you watch the football game yesterday?”

It is a classic question, but there are reasons why it has become a classic!             Many of these options might also come in handy while you are chatting with somebody through a free chat application. In NEEO Messenger you can even meet strangers nearby (with its special feature) and send them a message, containing one of these phrases or questions. Try them and find the most suitable approach for you!

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