10 Things You Must Know About Non-Surgical Hair Replacement in Dubai

Undeniably, your hair plays a vital role in sprucing your overall personality. But sadly, according to the latest research study by the American Academy of Dermatology “two-third of men are the real victims of hair loss”. That’s why; finding the permanent solution of this rigorous problem is quite unavoidable. Amazingly, the latest technology has introduced several permanent and surgical solutions (including hair transplant) to get rid of hair-fall. Nevertheless, surgical options are quite expensive, excruciating and require a considerable time. In reality, not everyone has enough money and stamina to opt for surgical options for hair replacement. That’s why; everyone looks for Best Hair Transplant in Dubai and a less-invasive solution for regrowing hair. Such alternatives are not only affordable but involve minimum risks than surgical treatments.

So, ‘Non-Surgical Hair Replacement System’ is gaining immense popularity globally due to its miraculous results. This method is uncomplicated, prompt and secure relatively to surgical options. However, it is necessary to know some significant factors and details about this remarkable Non-surgical process before you choose this treatment for you.

That’s why; the present discussion intends to highlight all such significant factors, including the cost of Hair replacement in Dubai. Read-out the whole discussion thoroughly & get the perfect idea about the treatment.

Major Factors to Consider

Not everyone can manage a proper time to research every single aspect of the treatment before it starts. But you can keep these factors in mind about this non-surgical treatment.

Who performs it?

It is one of the significant factors to consider, and it shouldn’t be overlooked at any cost. Generally, FDA approved practitioners and surgeons perform non-surgical hair replacement treatment. An unprofessional and amateur person can never bring perfections in results.

That’s why; before you make your final decision, we strongly recommend you to check the proficiencies, expertise and certifications of the surgeon. You can evaluate all such aspects in the initial consultation session. Remember, only a professional practitioner can design and attach the hair toupee correctly. So, if you don’t want to experience undesired results, then you must research every single detail about the surgeon.

What are the potential risks?

The perfect thing about choosing non-surgical hair treatments is that they involve minimum risks and side-effects. Still, it is better to discuss the potential risks of this treatment. Usually, a patient experiences minor inflammation, swelling and pain etc. But, it is all temporary, and you start feeling better within a few hours.

The Expected Cost

Generally, most of the insurance companies don’t cover-up the cost of non-surgical treatments. That’s why; it is better to know about the expected expenses of this treatment. In fact, the cost varies from person to person as several factors decide the ultimate cost for this treatment. For instance, some major factors are:

  • Type
  • Length
  • Size
  • Durability
  • Density

All such factors decide the final cost so keep them in your mind before you go for the treatment.

Most Suitable Technique

Like surgical treatment, non-surgical hair treatment also involves different techniques according to the preference of patients. Usually, Clips, Tape and Glue are the well-known ones. You can discuss with your practitioners about your hair loss type, and he will recommend the treatment accordingly. 

Possible Results

There is no purpose of choosing non-surgical options if none of them assures you the natural-looking results. So, you must discuss the longevity of the results in the first place.

Major Benefits

There are endless benefits of this less-invasive hair treatment including;

  • It is quite affordable, and you don’t need to rob the bank for the treatment.
  • The treatment can be performed in less time and requires no downtime.
  • You can experience prompt and satisfactory results.
  • Results stay for a longer time
  • Less invasive and causes no pain
  • You can enjoy the desired outcomes with no side-effects.

Indeed, the benefits mentioned above are enough to choose this treatment without a second thought.

Any Disadvantage

No doubt, the treatment doesn’t cause significant disadvantage, but you must know that;

  • It is not a permanent solution to regrow hair.
  • You may need to repeat treatment multiple times.
  • The treatment requires a maintenance cost.

Well, these drawbacks are entirely ignorable.

Expected Maintenance

Regular maintenance is always needed to experience satisfactory results for a longer time. That’s why; work on the precautionary measures for perfect results.

Results’ Longevity

As we mentioned earlier, non-surgical treatments are temporary, and you can enjoy this hair treatment for 3 to 4 months.

Impact on Routine Life Activities

You may need to avoid exhausting activities after the treatment. For instance, excess exercise and swimming can harm your hair. 

Final Words

The ultimate purpose of discussing all the major factors about non-surgical hair replacement treatment is to make you well-aware about this treatment. However, the final decision is all yours as you can choose the non-surgical option for temporary results. For permanent results, you must opt for the surgical option as it the perfect way of regrowing your hair for a longer time.

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