10+ Prank Applications To Troll Your Family and Friends

Let’s face it; we’ve already moved past sicking notes on someone else’s back and leaving fake vomit on someone’s car. It is no longer unexpected, and that kind of fun had its moment in the past. Pranksters need to adapt to the age of mobile devices and the internet. That is why we listed down more than ten prank apps available on iOS and Android to still troll your family friends in this precious time of the digital age. Best part? Most of them are free and readily downloadable as soon as possible!

Ownage Pranks

Ownage Pranks is a top-rated spoof calling app in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Why wouldn’t it be? There are tons of scripts and scenarios to choose from that professional voice actors perform. You can select voices from a sexy girl, an angry boyfriend, an old lady, celebrities, and many more characters! You can prank anyone you like and make it sound legit because the chances of suspicion are way less than old-fashioned prank calls. You can even have a copy of the recorded prank calls to laugh at in the future.

Scary Prank

Remember when our friends used to let us play a random game on the internet, and a sudden ghost will usually make us jump off our seats? This one is like it, in the form of a mobile game. Start by telling them how you’ve discovered a cool game and let them try it. Don’t forget to keep your phone protected with a screen protector and shockproof case just to be safe!


Farting sounds are never not funny. You can use this app to randomly release fart sounds and find someone else to blame for it.

Ghost Lens

This app helps you create impressive edits of ghosts or anyone, or just yourself having an out-of-body experience. It offers a playful selection of modifications that will leave you pleased with the effects. It is quite artistic, honest, and great for Halloween pranks.

Prank Stun Gun

Prank your friends without hurting them by running this taser hand shield app. No painful electrocutions will happen, just using realistic sound and enough vibration to make them jump in surprise.


One reviewer says that this app’s only limit is your creativity, and it is true. It is a versatile app with lots of features for fooling around, such as broken screen pranks, ghosts, or even paint splatters. If you consider yourself a proficient prankster, you can also use this to create your own tricks. It is THAT fun.

Crack & Break It

Whether you enjoy an odd satisfaction with breaking glasses or simply just want to prank your family and friends with shattering sounds, then this app is for you! You can enjoy its additional games such as Image Breaker, Light Bulbs, or Fluorescent Lamps. This app is free to download on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Dude, Your Car

This works like photoshop but exclusively for editing wrecks in cars. Prank your friends by taking a photo of their vehicle and using this app to edit damages like dents, scratches, or a broken glass to the selected image. Show this photo to your victim and watch them hurry immediately to their beloved ride only to see it in its best shape. You can use this as an April Fools’ prank, or just on any day where you feel like messing with someone.


This TV remote app is perfect for messing with your family members as they are drawn to their favorite TV show. You might need a little practice with switching channels to conduct a more fool-proof prank. We suggest you wait for them to be enticed enough in a climactic scene then quickly switch it to the shopping channel. The most fun part is, they wouldn’t even know it’s you!

Epic Police Siren

Got a friend that is easily thrown away by the sound and sight of blaring red and blue lights? This app is just perfect to make their heartbeat pulsate even faster! It comes with police siren sounds from 20 different police cars in the world. There are even bonus features such as typical police sayings, explosions, dog barks, and more. Just make sure that they don’t have serious medical conditions, though. You don’t want to be in trouble for a seemingly harmless prank.

Honorable Mentions:

These apps are good for pranks and good if you just want to annoy someone with weird noises or text replacements!

Text Replacement

This is on our honorable mentions because this is no specialized app but a gem hidden in almost any smartphone’s Settings. Suppose you are just a beginner prankster wanting to keep it basic. In that case, you can simply find a reason to access your victim’s phone. Next, go to settings-general-keyboard, and immediately change any commonly used words with any terms you like.

Bee Sounds

Bees are the most annoying creatures on the planet. That is why people immediately take off whenever they hear it approaching. This app is just as simple as making random ee sounds at the most unexpected moments.

Loudest Air Horn

If you want to tick someone off with the sound of this obnoxious air horn, you may download this free app on google play. Be creative!

Found something on our list that you want to try on anyone yet? We can’t wait for you to have a boisterous time with your loved ones with a hint of cheerful deception. Good luck and keep it harmless!

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