10 Best Ways to Earn Money in 2021

There are tons of different ways to earn money. However, not all ways are reliable – some may be malicious, while some may yield inadequate income.

Below listed are some of the best ways to earn money in 2021.

Ways to Earn Money

Ways to Earn Money Online

The best ways to earn money online are:

  • Setting Up an Online Course: An online course consisting of PDFs and video tutorials is an excellent way to set up a passive income source online. Interested people preparing for the course would pay for the course content.

One can record video tutorials and upload them on various online platforms like YouTube. Individuals can also opt to become an educator for established online education platforms like Udemy and Unacademy.

  • Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing involves reviewing or suggesting some particular products. It allows an individual to earn money by promoting products from other brands. When a user buys the product from the affiliate marketing site, the site owner earns a commission.

An individual can choose to be an affiliate for companies like Shopify, Amazon and Uber.

  • Content Writing: Individuals with a flair for writing can opt to write content on the Internet. One can write content for a content writing agency, writing websites or can have their personal blog. Working as a freelance content writer is also an option to opt for.
  • Starting an E-Commerce Website: One can either sell their own created products or products from other commercial sources on their website. If someone chooses the former route, it would be best to sell their products on an established platform apart from their own website. If one chooses the latter path, the most preferred way for order fulfilment is through drop shipping.
  • Selling Photos: Individuals with photography skills can upload their photos to any online platform, thereby making the images available for any interested buyer. The uploaded photos can be sold numerous times, allowing the uploader to continue earning by making only a one-time effort.

Individuals can upload the photos to platforms like Shutterstock, Getty Images and Adobe Stock.

Ways to Earn Money Offline

The best ways to earn money offline are:

  • Tutoring: Tutoring students is one of the most remarkable ways to earn money offline in 2021. One needs to be well-versed in at least one particular field of study to provide tuitions and help students.
  • Becoming a Personal Trainer: Becoming a personal trainer is an excellent way to earn money offline. In order to make money through this path, apart from having good knowledge in a particular field, one might need to pursue a certification course in the area.
  • Working as a Full-time Employee: Working full-time from office in a 9 to 5 job in an organisation is a great option to earn money as it guarantees a fixed income to an individual. Some of the full-time career options bring with them a fair amount of job security which is often given the highest priority by many job seekers.
  • Becoming a data entry specialist: Almost every small business requires a data entry specialist to do basic data entry work. One can either work over there or can transcribe insurance claims. Having good typing speed is a plus for excelling in this field.
  • Offline Start-up: Having a unique business and marketing idea would greatly help an individual build a start-up.

Starting up a restaurant is an example of an offline start-up. It would also provide scope for getting involved in the field of sales for all those interested in sales.

Thus, we came across some of the best ways to earn money – both online and offline. This list would greatly help any individual seeking ways to earn money.

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